The comprehensive cryptographic library for embedded systems


Cryptographic operations and algorithms provide the fundamental basis for virtually all IT security applications. For example, cryptographic algorithms such as digital signature verification are required for flash solutions, feature activation, and secure boot.

ETAS offers the perfect cryptographic library to meet these needs in the form of ESCRYPT CycurLIB. Specially geared to the requirements of embedded systems, ESCRYPT CycurLIB has acquired a solid reputation over many years for its outstanding performance in resource-constrained environments.

Making security simple

ESCRYPT CycurLIB offers a simple way to make your products more secure, for example by verifying digital signatures to determine the authenticity of a data source or by encrypting data to ensure confidentiality. ETAS’ cryptographic library for embedded systems is also highly configurable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

The right code for your applications

  • Sound
    Is developed with ASPICE (level 2) and ISO 26262 (up to ASIL D) compliant processes
  • Comprehensive
    Supports all common cryptographic algorithms and certificate standards (incl. Chinese Standards)
  • AUTOSAR compliant
    Supports AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR configuration.
  • Flexible
    Runs on all platforms and can be optimized for different processors with regard to speed, RAM, and ROM
  • Customizable
    Is designed to be modular, so you only use the algorithms you actually need
  • Low footprint
    Has an impressively small resource footprint and low resource consumption

ESCRYPT CycurLIB Cryptographic Library

Category Algorithms

Hash Functions


Symmetric Encryption

AES, ChaCha20

Message Authentication Codes (MAC)

HMAC with SHA-2, CMAC with AES, SipHash

Random Number Generation


Category Algorithms

Signature Generation and Verification

RSA with PKCS#1-PSS / PKCS#1-V1_5, ECDSA, Ed25519

Key Generation


Key Agreement

Curve25519, ECDH


X.509 parser