Software tool for threat analysis and risk assessment


Uncover the vulnerable points of your automotive systems

UN R 155 and other international regulations have made a risk-based approach to vehicle architecture development a prerequisite for type approval. In addition, ISO/SAE 21434 sets the framework for the implementation of these guidelines. Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) has thus become an indispensable part of automotive system design and development processes.

Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment methodology

ESCRYPT CycurRISK is a TARA software tool that helps you to uncover and evaluate the potential attack surfaces in automotive systems and architectures at an early stage.

ESCRYPT CycurRISK allows you to systematically identify and analyze threats via attack feasibility (based on attack potential) using attack trees. Damage scenarios are used to assess the impact on road users and your business. The tool provides a structured documentation of threat scenarios and risks to a given system. Further, it allows to compare different variants and to share and reuse knowledge from previous analyses through catalogues. Thus, ESCRYPT CycurRISK enables you to prioritize risks and countermeasures and to create a security concept compliant to the requirements of security engineering processes, ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R 155.

Your benefits

  • Established
    Widely used in the automotive industry
  • Professional
    ETAS offers professional maintenance and support
  • Reliable
    Updates and improvements based on our long-standing experience in automotive security
  • Quality and reliability
    Fully compliant with ISO/SAE 21434, the tool classification according to ISO 26262 is available and the tool qualification for all use cases is for tool confidence level (TCL) 2/3 performed
  • Flexible
    The report templates are fully configurable
  • Comprehensive
    Backed with ETAS security consulting experience and services
Creating attack trees via drag-and-drop in a user-friendly attack tree editor

Creating TARAs efficiently

  • Workflow-oriented guidance
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Direct comparison of initial and residual risks
  • Automatic management summary
  • Integrated attack tree editor
  • Support of attack potential method with automatic attack potential computation
  • Dedicated mode for reuse TARA
  • Sophisticated functionality for variant handling and configuration
Comparing variants of item configuration and security controls to decide on an economical risk treatment

Working together

  • Configurable PDF report generation
  • Catalogue function for reuse and knowledge sharing
  • Collaboration on TARAs on on-premise hosted servers
  • Review functionality