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The CLI tool can be used to automate workflows with the ETAS MODEL-SIMULATOR in a CI/CT pipeline.


A subscription for the ETAS MODEL-SIMULATOR is required for execution. A guide on Setup, configuration and usage is included in the package.
ETK / XETK / FETKFETK-T4Manual / Technical DocumentationFETK-T4.0B Release Notes FETK-T4.0B Release Notes02/23/2024
RTARTA-CARSoftwareRTA-CAR FSQP V12.2.1 Download package for Functional Safety Qualification Package for RTA-CAR 12.2.1:02/22/2024
RTARTA-CARSoftwareRTA-CAR V12.2.1 Download package for RTA-CAR 12.2.1:02/22/2024
ASCETASCET-SCMFAQ / Use CaseASCET-SCM MSSCCI: 'Unhandled Error' message with the Jazz driver (ETAS.MSSCCIDriver.RTC.dll) after Check-out

This document describes why an 'Unhandled Error' message appears with the Jazz driver after check-out.

ES100, ES1000, ES400, ES4000, ES500, ES5000, ES600, ES700, ES800, ES900, ETK / XETK / FETK, Lambda Measurement ModulesBR_XETK-S1, BR_XETK-S2, BR_XETK-S3, BR_XETK-S4, ES1120, …SoftwareHSP (Hardware Service Pack) V13.7.1 HSP (Hardware Service Pack) V13.7.1

With HSP you can easily update your ETAS hardware with the last features and enhancements.

The HSP full installation contains beside the firmware also the HSP Update Tool (HSP-UT) which provides a user friendly update and compatibility management of the firmware running on your ETAS hardware.

Important: Please make sure that downloaded content is recognized by Windows …

INCA, INTECRIOES830, ES910, INTECRIOFAQ / Use CaseManage Memory Pages dialog repeatedly pops up when opening the INCA

This document describes how this checksum problem can occur when you are flashing or downloading data onto a connected ETAS Rapid Prototyping Device (ES910, ES830) and you have a CDF file included in the INCA database.

CorporateETAS GmbH (Germany)Terms and ConditionsAgreement Data Processing under Commission GDPR (ETAS GmbH) Agreement Data Processing under Commission GDPR for maintenance services, hardware repair, and calibration services (ETAS GmbH, Germany)02/20/2024
INCAMDAVideoMDA V8.6.7 – What’s New Presentation Video

In this video Matthias Gekeler, Product Manager of ETAS MDA, will guide you through the new features introduced in MDA V8.6.7.

Presented topics are:

0:25 Configuration Handling: One color per measurement file 2:24 New instrument: Battery Imbalance Histogram 4:06 Additional predefined calculations 7:10 Parameter support for FMUs, show directly location of an FMU file 8:34 Additional operator for Calculated Signals: …
ASCETASCET V6.4SoftwareASCET V6.4.7 Hotfix 2 02/16/2024
RALORALOFlyer / Brochure / White PaperRALO Management software for ADAS measurement systems Flyer 02/16/2024

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