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SCODE Workbench free Trial Version

SCODE Workbench – Free Trial Version

Steps to evaluate SCODE Workbench:

Note: Please use Firefox, Chrome or MS Edge.

1. Register your user account

  • Get access to the ‘ETAS License & Download Portal’ by registering (or login with your existing account – jump to step 2)
  • Please choose ‘SCODE Workbench’ as product to evaluate and click next.
  • Fill out your contact information and read and accept the ‘Privacy Policy’ as well as the ‘Loan and License Contract
  • You will receive an initial password via email. This is required for initial registration which needs to be changed during first login.

2. Download & install the SCODE installation package

  • Login to the ETAS License & Download Portal: login
  • After login change ‘Public_Download’ to ‘[YourUserName]_Trial’ in the dropdown on the upper right
  • In the ‘Available Download’ window ‘SCODE’ should now appear. Please click on it.
  • A new page will be shown called ‘Download Packages’ which will list ‘SCODE Workbench’. Click on it to get to the download link called ‘
  • Download your ETAS software & install it

3. Activate your Software

  • Open the ETAS License Manager (Windows start menu -> ETAS -> License Management -> ETAS License Manager). The ETAS License Manager is being installed automatically with the ETAS software.
  • There are two option for activating your SCODE installation

a) Online activation (immediate internet access required, adaptions of proxy settings in ETAS License Manager might be necessary)

  • Choose in the ETAS License Manager the Menu Bar “” and select “
  • Grab your ActivationID from the ETAS License Portal under ‘Activation & Entitlements’. Your trial license is characterized by the green icon type ‘E’.
  • Enter your ActivationID in the Online Activation window of the ETAS License Manager and press ‘Activate’

b) Offline activation

  • Choose in the ETAS License Manager the Menu Bar “” and select “
  • Enter your ActivationID (from ETAS License Portal, same as above) and press create request
  • Save the created ‘request' file on your local share/drive
  • Login to the ETAS License Portal:
  • Choose in the menu ‘Devices’ the entry ‘Upload Capability Request’ in the ETAS License & Download Portal
  • Select the option ‘Generate license’ and upload your saved ‘request’  file
  • Download the generated ‘Response.bin’ file by using the provided link on the ETAS License & Download Portal
  • Turn back to your ETAS License Manager and upload the response file in ‘Step2’ of the offline activation dialogue.

4. Start

  • Now you are ready to start your SCODE evaluation