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Virtualization TechnologyISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleRobust Assistance Systems Robust Assistance Systems Iterative validation strategy

Software-controlled autonomous vehicles must be validated. But how can this be done efficiently? Because it simply isn’t possible to address all eventualities of actual traffic situations in a system specification that is drawn up in advance, robust software systems are required. Software robustness is achieved by performing tests in a virtual environment based on a catalogue of …

ASCET, StandardsISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleSafety and Security in Code Safety and Security in Code ESDL as a basis for more secure software

In the field of embedded software, the C programming language still reigns supreme. Making sure that C code is safe and secure however, is not so easy. Increased vehicle autonomy will require an even greater reliance on vehicle software integrity than today. To meet this challenge, ETAS has developed the Embedded Software Development Language (ESDL). ESDL helps software …

ESCRYPTISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleLooking at the Big Picture

Making security in automotive IT systems holistic, economically efficient, and structured

As automotive IT systems become ever more closely networked, they must be protected against unauthorized manipulation to ensure the safety of all road users. This calls for holistic and structured approaches to security that utilize available resources as economically as possible. One such holistic security concept that holds great promise …

Engineering Services, RTA, StandardsISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleNew Business Area

Embedded software development independent of the ECU hardware platform

ETAS has added RTA Engineering Services to its portfolio, establishing itself in the market as contract developer for high-quality, customer-specific embedded software. In the following interview, Dr. Simon Burton, Director Global Embedded Software Services at ETAS, discusses the background to Real Time Applications (RTA), changes in the embedded software …

Engineering Services, RTA, StandardsISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleTailor-made Embedded Software

High-quality, customer-specific embedded software development

A number of trends require vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to adopt new approaches to developing embedded software based on highly specialized know-how. RTA Engineering Services addresses these challenges by providing customer-specific, high-quality embedded software development based on ETAS’ many years of experience in successfully delivering …

ASCET, StandardsISO 26262, …Technical ArticleDevelopment of motor-generator controls with ETAS ASCET

Development of motor-generator controls with ETAS ASCET

Power electronics and electric machines for electric ond hybrid drives of the product group GS-EH (Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Systems) within the Gasoline Systems division of Robert Bosch GmbH are successfully used in VW, Porsche and Peugeot in production vehicles.

Daniel Bulach. Martin Eisenhardt, Daniel Raichle, Ulrich Lauff: …

StandardsISO 26262RealTimes ArticleAcademy of Embedded Excellence

Academy of Embedded Excellence

ETAS launches tool-independent services around software development


For nearly 20 years, ETAS has offered embedded software components and professional development tools for the automotive industry. ETAS embedded software components are deployed successfully in more than 700 million ECUs worldwide with more than a million hitting the road each week! This success …

ASCETISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleETAS Earns CMMI Maturity Level 3

ETAS Earns CMMI Maturity Level 3

Powerful and flexible processes as a basis for high-quality products and services


ETAS solutions and services increase both the quality and efficiency of development and maintenance of embedded systems. To fulfill our corporate mission and, at the same time, satisfy ou customers’ expectations, ETAS has worked towards earning a variety of certifications and …

ASCET, StandardsISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleDevelopment of Safety-relevant Systems

Development of Safety-relevant Systems

TÜV Süd certifies ASCET as Fit For Purpose

Effective December 17, 2010, international certification organization TÜV SÜD awarded ASCET the ”Fit For Purpose” certification for deployment in the development of safetyrelevant systems of Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) up to and including SIL 3 and ASIL D.

ASCET, INCA, RTA, StandardsISO 26262, …RealTimes ArticleFunctional Safety of Road Vehicles

RealTimes 1.2010:

Functional Safety of Road Vehicles
Qualification of development tools as per ISO 26262

The long-anticipated functional safety standard, ISO 26262, is edging closer to replacing the generic standard for the functional safety of electronic systems, IEC 61508, as the binding standard for road vehicles. Published as Draft International Standard (DIS) in July 2009, ISO/DIS …