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This version brings further improvements, the ASCMO DOE-Support along with some bug fixes. Please see INCA-FLOW V4.8 What`s new for more information.

INCA-FLOW is an engineering tool designed for use only by well-trained and qualified personnel. Calibration activities require influence or control over the electronic control system. ETAS assumes no responsibility whatsoever in the event of misuse or an accident …

INCAINCA-FLOWFlyer / Brochure / White PaperFlyer INCA-FLOW

INCA-FLOW – Guided Calibration and Automation of INCA

INCA-FLOW is a revolutionary approach to automating and guiding calibration. INCA-FLOW facilitates graphical specification of calibration procedures without requiring programming skills.


Intuitive modeling of calibration procedures with graphic design editor Comprehensive, ready-touse libraries with key automotive …
INCAINCA-FLOW, …Known Issue ReportKnown Issue Report INCA

Known Issue Report INCA

Even after careful development and extensive release testing, we occasionally find defects in our products after they have been released into the marketplace. We correct minor problems in the course of our regular maintenance and development activities.

For more significant problems, we publish a Known Issue Report (KIR) to inform you about the technical effects of a known problem as …

INCAINCA-FLOWManual / Technical DocumentationINCA-FLOW Getting Started 07/30/2019
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ASCMO, INCAINCA-FLOW, …RealTimes ArticleOptimization of Gasoline Engines Optimization of Gasoline Engines Model-based calibration at Hyundai

Increasingly efficient engines and systems are being developed by Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) in order to meet the demanding requirements with respect to performance, fuel consumption, and pollutant emissions. The many degrees of freedom afforded by the large number of systems are reflected in the wide range of parameters that must be adjusted and optimized in the course of …

INCAINCA-FLOWTechnical ArticleGuided and automated calibration and validation of powertrain systems

Guided and automated calibration and validation of powertrain systems

Powertrain system calibration and validation faces multiple challenges. These include complex electronically controlled systems with elaborate embedded software that are used in multiple vehicle variants; demanding requirements regarding pollutant emissions, fuel consumption, and on-board diagnostics; limited numbers of test vehicles; and strict …

ASCMO, INCAINCA-FLOWTechnical ArticleOptimisation of Gasoline Engines (ATZelektronik)

In order to meet the strict new RDE testing conditions, the behavior of combustion engines must be optimized across the entire speed-load range (“global”). This goal can be achieved with the help of Gaussian processes. These machine learning methods allow the engine behavior at the test bed to be simulated with maximum probability. With the help of the new method, the measurement effort at the engine test stand could be reduced by 75 …


Efficiency gains in diesel aftertreatment systems calibration

For all types of diesel vehicles, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations require strategies that induce drivers of vehicles with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust aftertreatment systems to keep diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) on board and ensure that aftertreatment systems remain functional. In practice, the inducement takes the form of a …

INCAINCA-FLOWRealTimes ArticleEfficient Calibration

ETAS INCA-FLOW helps users standardize calibration tasks

Calibrating gasoline and diesel engine management systems is a challenging task that is largely repetitive with regard to specific customer projects. Using INCA-FLOW, the calibration process can be set up for one ECU variant and then reused for others, which can significantly increase calibration efficiency. In addition, measurements can be easily reproduced, leading to …

INCAINCA-FLOWRealTimes ArticleEasy to Use

Easy to Use

Calibrating and testing with ETAS INCA-FLOW


As part of the series production release of diesel engine controls, the Diesel Systems division at Bosch in the United Kingdom deploys ETAS INCA-FLOW for the automated validation of calibration data. INCA-FLOW was identified as the tool of choice for the automation of sign-off tests. It was selected on the strength of its versatility and …