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RTARTA-VRTE, …RealTimes ArticleA new direction: AUTOSAR Adaptive A new standard for connected automotive software

Automotive software is undergoing fundamental changes. New functions and E/E architectures require new software architectures and infrastructures for embedded software. Powerful vehicle computers (VCs) with microprocessors, based on POSIX operating systems, and the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard are supplementing and in some cases even replacing conventional ECUs with microcontrollers. What changes …

RTARTA-VRTERealTimes ArticleEntering new worlds New E/E architectures with vehicle computers off er new opportunities

Automotive electronics are set to undergo profound changes driven by the megatrends connectivity and auto-mated driving. These call for completely new E/E architectures in which microprocessor-based vehicle computers (VCs) make it possible to merge domains that are currently distributed. Software based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard and the possibility to partition VCs …

RTARTA-VRTE, …RealTimes ArticleETAS is the AUTOSAR partner for Safe4Rail-2 European project for safe, future-oriented railway applications

The goal of the research project Safe4RAIL-2 founded by the Shift2Rail European rail initiative, is to develop a common platform for E/E architectures and wireless traffi c networking (V2X) with high safety requirements for future trains.

RTARTA-VRTE, …RealTimes ArticleJointly achieving goals ETAS Early Access Program for AUTOSAR Adaptive in use

The Early Access Program (EAP*) of the platform software framework RTA-VRTE is being well received by users around the world who want to develop software for vehicle computers with the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. The following fi gures show the dissemination in August 2019.

ISOLAR, RTARTA-VRTE, …RealTimes ArticleReady for AUTOSAR Adaptive ETAS offers comprehensive solutions for the upcoming standard

The AUTOSAR Adaptive standard lays the foundation for integrating functions into central vehicle computers and ushers in major changes in ECU development. ETAS’ RTA-VRTE platform software framework and ISOLAR-A_ADAPTIVE architecture design tool off er developers the solutions they need to discover the world of new E/E architectures.

RTARTA-VRTETechnical ArticleParadigm Shift in the Market for Automotive Software Paradigm Shift in the Market for Automotive Software

The tasks involved in automated driving cannot be mastered merely through the use of conventional control units. Powerful vehicle computers are starting to gain a foothold. This will not only revolutionize software architectures, but also the market for automotive software as a whole. A new set of standards for software architectures and vehicle computers of the future is currently …

RTARTA-VRTEVideoETAS RTA-VRTE – Plattformsoftware-Framework for Vehicle Computer [Video]



More videos are available on our ETAS YouTube Channel.

RTARTA-VRTE, …Technical ArticleVehicle Computers – Automotive Software Development Rethought

Vehicle Computers are becoming more and more important in modern vehicles, alongside conventional control units. The new Autosar Adaptive standard is being developed at the same time. Both innovations will fundamentally change E/E architectures, but much more is at stake: Software development is being reorganized, and with it, value creation. OEMs and automotive component suppliers have to restructure both their technologies and their …

RTARTA-VRTEVideoETAS RTA-VRTE – Runtime Environment for Vehicle Computer [Video]



More videos are available on our ETAS YouTube Channel.

RTARTA-VRTEFlyer / Brochure / White PaperFlyer RTA-VRTE – Platform Software Framework for Vehicle Computer

RTA-VRTE – Platform Software Framework for Vehicle Computer
The Platform Software Framework RTA-VRTE for microprocessor-based (µP) vehicle computers contain software like OS, hypervisor, and security elements based on the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive platforms. Services and consulting complete the offer.