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EHANDBOOKEHANDBOOKSoftwareEHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink 9.1.0 EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink V9.1.0 General Description

The EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink is an add-on to Simulink to generate a complete EHB Container for a single Simulink/Stateflow model that represents a single ECU function.

With the help of the add-on, you can obtain an interactive documentation for your Simulink/Stateflow model with a single button-click.

Features and benefits at a …

This release provides a new hotfix of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR.

New features at a glance: Support for ASCET-DEVELOPER State Machines Obtaining EHANDBOOK model references for AsciiDoc Improvement of existing features: Opening an INCA Tool API Window for new variables only
EHANDBOOK, …EHANDBOOK, …Manual / Technical DocumentationSafety Advice 05/06/2021
EHANDBOOKEHANDBOOKFAQ / Use CaseHow to use 'minimize to tray' with EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR

This document describes how to minimize EHANDBOOK in the tray or deactivate this feature to close EHANDBOOK completely.

EHANDBOOK, …EHANDBOOK, …Known Issue ReportKnown Issue Report for ETAS Safety Advice Known Issue Report for ETAS Safety Advice

Even after careful development and extensive release testing, we occasionally find defects in our products after they have been released into the marketplace. We correct minor problems in the course of our regular maintenance and development activities.

For more significant problems, we publish a Known Issue Report (KIR) to inform you about the technical effects of a known problem as well as …


ETAS EHANDBOOK – Interactive ECU Software Documentation

At a Glance

Documentation of comprehensive software functions for ECU calibration Fast searching and precise, targeted navigation Integration of software documentation from different sources Interactive, graphical models also for C code Transparent display of dependencies of ECU functions Automatic generation of software …
EHANDBOOK, …EHANDBOOK, …FAQ / Use CaseWarning: has not found a valid license

In this article, Steffen Roser (Support Engineer at ETAS) provides a step by step guide to solve this issue.

EHANDBOOK, …EHANDBOOK, …SoftwareETAS License Server V11.15.1 ETAS License Server V11.15.1

This server upgrade contains the support for the Flexera FlexNet API V11.15.1.0. The following information is of relevance to customers using concurrent or user based license. Machine based licenses are not affected. License server from other tool vendors are not affected by this upgrade. This new ETAS license server provides support of Windows® 2016 server and supports all previous ETAS license manager …

EHANDBOOKEHANDBOOKTechnical ArticleDocumenting ECU Software with the ETAS EHANDBOOK

Documenting ECU Software with the ETAS EHANDBOOK

From function development to calibration, all phases of ECU development require detailed knowledge of how functions for the control and diagnosis of electronic systems operate and interact. Conventional ECU software documentation is becoming more extensive and confusing due to the increasing number of functions and the growing capabilities, and complexity of ECU logic. …

EHANDBOOKEHANDBOOKRealTimes Article“Product of the Year“ Award by Elektronik Magazine

ETAS EHANDBOOK achieves third place in the Automotive category

Readers of the trade magazines Elektronik and Elektronik automotive voted ETAS’ EHANDBOOK interactive documentation tool third place in their “Product of the Year 2016” awards. In second place was Bosch’s solid-state cell for lithium-ion batteries, and first place was taken by Audi’s Matrix laser headlights.

EHANDBOOKEHANDBOOKTechnical ArticleEHANDBOOK – Dokumentation leicht gemacht Dokumentation leicht gemacht

Für die Entwicklung von Steuergeräten müssen Funktionen der Steuerung, Regelung und Diagnose elektronischer Systeme bekannt sein. Das macht die herkömmliche Software-Dokumentation umfangreich und schwer verständlich. Einfacher geht das mit dem EHANDBOOK.

"Dokumentation leicht gemacht", P. Frey, U. Lauff und R. Rick
E&E-Kompendium 2017, S. 133-135