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RTARTA-FBLManual / Technical DocumentationRelease Notes RTA-FBL GM Port Release Notes RTA-FBL GM Port V1.2.010/09/2021
RTARTA-SUMManual / Technical DocumentationRTA-SUM Getting Started Guide RTA-SUM Getting Started Guide

This Getting Started Guide provides an overview of RTA-SUM and its modules.


RTA-SUM V2.0.0 is the latest major release of RTA-SUM plugin for ISOLAR-B and replaces RTA-SUM V1.2.0.

This release provides support to VIP24 SUMs as well as important bug fixes and improvements in both VIP22 and VIP23 SUMs. Detailed release notes for all changes to RTA-SUM are included with the product documentation.

Please note that this RTA-SUM plugin version is compatible with ISOLAR-B V9.1.1 and V9.1.2.

RTARTA-FBLManual / Technical DocumentationUser Guide RTA-FBL GM Port User Guide RTA-FBL GM Port

This document provides a detailed description of ETAS RTA-FBL Port for GM ECUs. It provides a reference for ECU developers that will allow reprogramming of their ECU using RTA-FBL.

RTARTA-CARSoftwareRTA-CAR FSQP V9.1.1 RTA-CAR FSQP (Functional Safety Qualification Package) V9.1.1

RTA-CAR FSQP contains the artefacts for Functional Safety qualification of the following RTA code generators:

RTA-BSW V6.1.1 RTA-RTE V7.4.3 RTA-OS V6.1.3

Additionally, it contains the pre-classification report for the following tools:

ISOLAR-A V11.2.2 ISOLAR-B V9.1.2

RTA-FBL GM V1.2.0 is the latest release of RTA-FBL GM plugin for ISOLAR-B and supersedes RTA-FBL GM V1.1.0.

This release provides important improvements such as:

Support of Security Peripheral (HSM) Update Support of CAN-FD and Ethernet networks Support of External Memory programming

For more detailed information please refer to the Release Notes.

Please note that this RTA-FBL GM plugin version …

RTA, …RTA-VRTE, SecurityRealTimes ArticleCybersecurity included: Security for AUTOSAR Adaptive architectures Cybersecurity included Security for AUTOSAR Adaptive architectures

AUTOSAR Adaptive paves the way to an intelligently connected vehicle. To provide reliable protection against cyberattacks, this standard features security functions that can be integrated today into tomorrow’s E/E architectures.

RTA, …RTA-VRTE, Security, multiple productsRealTimes ArticleSuccessful together! Coordinated development solutions are the key to success Successful together! Coordinated development solutions are the key to success

Transition, change, transformation, and uncertainty are probably the best words to describe the current situation in the automotive industry. E-mobility, connectivity, (partially) automated driving, mobility services, automotive apps … The list of technical challenges goes on and on. What will be launched onto the market – and how quickly? No one knows …

RTA, …ASCET TIP, ASCET V6.3, ASCET V7.3, ASCET-DEVELOPER, ASCET-DIFF, …SoftwareLiMa (ETAS License Manager) LiMa (ETAS License Manager)

This LiMa upgrade contains the support for machine based FlexNet-Embedded (FNE) licenses. In case of new ordered machine based license(s) for formerly released ETAS-SW, this upgrade supports additionally the activation of new FlexNet-Embedded (FNE) license type. All existing FlexNet-Publisher (FNP) license types are still supported.

If you need more detailed information about this ETAS License Manager …

RTARTA-OSKnown Issue ReportKnown Issue Report RTA-OS – All RH850/RH850x2/V850 ports Known Issue Report RTA-OS – All RH850/RH850x2/V850 ports

Even after careful development and extensive release testing, we occasionally find defects in our products after they have been released into the marketplace. We correct minor problems in the course of our regular maintenance and development activities.

For more significant problems, we publish a Known Issue Report (KIR) to inform you about the technical effects of a known …


The RTA-CAR Installer Package contains the following RTA Components:

ISOLAR-A V11.2.0 – System and application software design tool for AUTOSAR Classic ISOLAR-B V9.1.2 – BSW configuration tool for AUTOSAR Classic RTA-BSW V6.1.1 – AUTOSAR middleware software generator RTA-RTE V7.4.3 – AUTOSAR RTE generator RTA-OS V6.1.3 – AUTOSAR Operating System generator