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INCAINCA-FLOWFlyer / Brochure / White PaperFlyer INCA-FLOW INCA-FLOW – Guided Calibration and Test Automation for ECUs Optimization of complex calibration tasks without coding knowledge

INCA-FLOW helps to automate repetitive and manual steps in the calibration process. The calibration tasks can be prepared at the desk with a graphical editor and no in-depth coding knowledge is required. During the execution, INCA is controlled by INCA-FLOW and it guides the engineer or operator through the …

INCAINCA V7.2Flyer / Brochure / White PaperETAS INCA Product Family Flyer

The software products in the ETAS INCA product family form an integrated tool environment for measurement data acquisition, ECU calibration and diagnostics.

INCA, …ASCET TIP, ASCET V4.0, ASCET V4.1, ASCET V4.2, ASCET V5.0, …Manual / Technical DocumentationSafety Advice 04/15/2023
INCAINCA V7.4SoftwareINCA V7.4 Service Pack 4.1 INCA V7.4 Service Pack 4.1 – 64 Bit

This INCA Service Pack contains the most current enhancements and bug fixes for the supported products:

INCA V7.4.4 Build 136 INCA AddOn eCDM V7.4.4 INCA AddOn DriveRecorder V7.4.4 INCA AddOn Video Tutorials V7.4.4 INCA AddOn MCE V7.4.4 INCA AddOn Vector-Hardware V7.4.4 INCA AddOn FlexRay V7.4.4 INCA AddOn LIN V7.4.4 INCA AddOn QM-Basic V7.4.4 INCA AddOn EIP V7.4.4 INCA …
INCAMDASoftwareMDA V8.6.4/1 MDA V8.6.4/1

MDA V8.6.4/1 is the latest release of MDA V8 product line and replaces MDA V8.6.3. The following improvements are available with MDA V8.6.4/1:

Device Mapping dialog for a better replace behavior of measure files with multiple ECU / devices Support of calculations based on ASCMO models provided as Functional Mockup Units 'FMUs' Creation of LAB files in format versions V1.2 and V1.3 Correct signal curve drawing …
INCAINCA V7.4Manual / Technical DocumentationINCA V7.4 Getting Started INCA V7.4 Getting Started

Where do I get the download password for manuals from?

If there is an INCA installation on your PC

launch INCA select the item “Product-Disclaimer...” in the main menu “?” there you will find the password in the first paragraph

Alternatively you can find the same information in the „ETAS Safety Advice“.

INCAINCA-FLEXRAYManual / Technical DocumentationINCA-FLEXRAY V7.4 User Manual

INCA-FLEXRAY V7.4 User Manual

INCAINCA-LINManual / Technical DocumentationINCA-LIN V7.4 User's Guide

INCA-LIN V7.4 User's Guide

INCAODX-FLASH, ODX-LINKManual / Technical DocumentationINCA-ODX V7.4 User's Guide 04/01/2023
INCAMDAManual / Technical DocumentationMDA V8.6 Manual MDA V8.6 Manual

The ETAS MDA (Measure Data Analyzer) measurement data analysis tool lets users visualize, further process, analyze, and document measurement data.


This Hardware Integration Development Kit contains the latest enhancements. If you need more detailed information about the content, please feel free to contact your regional support or our ETAS engineering group.

Important: Please make sure that downloaded content is recognized by Windows as trusted. After having downloaded the ZIP file, select "Properties" via right-click -> "General" Layer …