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ESCRYPT, …ISOLAR-EVE, LABCAR-RTPC, SecurityRealTimes ArticleEmbedded Security Testing in Virtual Vehicles Embedded Security Testing in Virtual Vehicles Extensive hacking simulations with the help of a XiL testing environment

Modern software-controlled vehicle systems no longer only need to be functionally secure; they also require protection against attacks by cyber criminals. To test whether hacked ECUs remain secure in the context of the entire vehicle, ETAS and ESCRYPT rely on virtualization. This enables the advantages of XiL* technology to …

ESCRYPT, …Security, multiple productsRealTimes ArticleEthernet Security Ethernet Security

Secure Ethernet – an opportunity for vehicle IT

For over 40 years, the Ethernet has been an established IT standard widely used in data centers and in the consumer sector. Now it is conquering the world of modern vehicles. Following initial applications in systems without cross-domain communication, the E/E architecture is now expanding across domain boundaries. This raises questions about …

ESCRYPTSecurityRealTimes ArticleImmune System for the Connected Vehicle Immune System for the Connected Vehicle Intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS)

Increased safety and comfort. Optimized service and more enjoyable driving experiences. There is a long list of advantages to connected vehicles. However, integration into the Internet of Things also involves risks. It increases the danger of cyber attacks, and attackers are forever finding new weaknesses to exploit. Therefore, connected vehicles need …

ESCRYPTSecurityRealTimes ArticleThoroughly Tested From A to Z Thoroughly Tested From A to Z Security testing for the entire vehicle life cycle

Effective information security requires security testing throughout the entire vehicle life cycle. This is because in contrast to conventional testing for driving safety, in which the boundary conditions are mostly determined by physical laws and subsequently do not change, the assumptions and boundary conditions for security testing are subject to the eternal …

ESCRYPT, …COSYM, EHOOKS, SCODE-ANALYZER V1, SCODE-ANALYZER V2, SecurityTechnical ArticleWhich roads lead us to highly automated driving? Which roads lead us to highly automated driving?

With the advent of active driver assistance systems, the automobile industry is rapidly approaching its goal of autonomous driving. Needless to say, both safety and security remain vital concerns. This applies to the software-based interaction between sensors and actuators, but also to the task of ensuring effective protection against cyberattacks. As a result, the work of developing and …

ESCRYPT, …ISOLAR-EVE, LABCAR System, SecurityTechnical ArticleHacker-in-the-loop Hacker-in-the-loop

Today’s software-controlled vehicle systems not only need to function safely, they also require protection against attacks from cyber criminals. By leveraging the benefits of HiL/SiL (XiL) technology, ETAS and ESCRYPT use virtualization to test the protection of onboard ECUs against cyberattacks in an overall vehicle context.

Authors: Dr. Tobias Kreuzinger, Jürgen Crepin, ETAS and Dr. Marko Wolf, …

ESCRYPTSecurityPress ReleaseConnected driving: V2X security solutions ensure secure exchange of data and data protection Connected driving: V2X security solutions ensure secure exchange of data and data protection

Connected driving promises to deliver more safety and more convenience for road users – but only if V2X communication can be reliably protected against misuse, manipulation, and data espionage. That is why ESCRYPT’s V2X security solutions pursue a holistic approach.

ESCRYPTSecurityPress ReleaseESCRYPT expands security portfolio: Trusted partner in the Internet of Things ESCRYPT expands security portfolio: Trusted partner in the Internet of Things

In future, IT security for the Internet of Things will require a holistic approach. Because IoT applications are increasingly interconnected. This calls for lifecycle management and organizational integration alongside embedded security solutions. That is why ESCRYPT has systematically expanded its IT security portfolio to encompass smart mobility, smart industry, …

ESCRYPTSecurityPress ReleaseVehicle immune system: Smart control loop for detecting and blocking attacks Vehicle immune system: Smart control loop for detecting and blocking attacks

These days, the trend is towards connected, partially, and highly automated driving functions – calling for comprehensive security solutions. In response, ESCRYPT has developed its Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS) as a closed loop for detecting, analyzing, and blocking attacks.

ESCRYPTSecurityTechnical ArticleAre you secure?

Are you secure?

Automotive electronics are undergoing radical change. As developers, we face major challenges with new powertrain concepts, [partially] automated driving, and connection to the Internet of Things (IoT). We are already capable of implementing high-quality electronic systems in large numbers with the highest safety requirements, and this will continue to be important. However, it will no longer suffice …

ESCRYPT, …LABCAR System, SecurityTechnical ArticleSuccessful security tests using fuzzing and HiL test systems

Successful security tests using fuzzing and HiL test systems

In automotive development, it is a given that hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems undergo systematic testing to ensure functional safety. These tests verify whether the tested system behaves correctly and reliably as per functional requirements, and whether it goes into safe mode in case of a malfunction. Safeguards against unauthorized access require similar …