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LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR-OPERATORSoftwareLABCAR-OPERATOR V5.2.1 Hotfix 4


This hotfix installation solves the following issues:

LABCAR-OPERATOR Integration Platform (IP):
  EHI#491258 – ASCET export with deselection of "use OID for Generation of Component Names" creates undefined reference to “initModel_ASCETTop”

LABCAR-OPERATOR V5.2.1 Hotfix 4 includes the content of all previous hotfixes for LABCAR-OPERATOR V5.2.1.

ETK / XETK / FETKETK-S20.1Manual / Technical DocumentationETAL5 Datasheet 04/30/2016
INTECRIOASCET-RP, INTECRIOFAQ / Use CaseDaisy Chain modules may not work as expected for Rapid Prototyping

Why do the Daisy Chain modules (like e.g. ES4xx or ES930) not work with the ES910 like expected for Rapid Prototyping applications?

The ES4xx, ES6xx, and ES930 modules can be used for Rapid Prototyping applications with INTECRIO and ASCET-RP if they are connected to the IO port of the ES910. Even though a configuration written by the Daisy Chain Configuration Tool has been read to correctly into the hardware …

Measurement ProbesCBN10xManual / Technical DocumentationCBN100.1/ CBN102.1/ CBN104.1/ CBN106.1 Isolating Measurement Probe User's Guide 04/19/2016
Measurement ProbesCBN10xManual / Technical DocumentationCBN101.1/ CBN103.1/ CBN105.1/ CBN107.1 Isolating Measurement Probe User's Guide 04/19/2016
Measurement ProbesCBN40xManual / Technical DocumentationCBN400.1 User's Guide

CBN400.1 User's Guide

Measurement ProbesCBN40xManual / Technical DocumentationCBN401.1 User's Guide

CBN401.1 User's Guide

Measurement ProbesCBN42xManual / Technical DocumentationCBN420.2/ CBN421.2/ CBN422.2 Sensor cable providing bipolar sensor supply User's Guide 04/19/2016
Measurement ProbesCBN43xManual / Technical DocumentationCBN430.2 / CBN431.2 / CBN432.2 / CBN433.2 / CBN434.2 Temperature Sensor Connection Cable User's Guide 04/19/2016
ES600ES63xManual / Technical DocumentationOpen Source Software Attributions for ES63x V1.0 04/19/2016
ASCETASCET V7.0Press ReleaseETAS Brings New Eclipse-based ASCET Version to Market ETAS Brings New Eclipse-based ASCET Version to Market

Tool chains in the automotive sector comprise a host of individual tools. These tools must all be coordinated with one another, which poses a major challenge not only for the manufacturers of the individual tools, but also for the managers and users of the tool chain.