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RTARTA-OSManual / Technical DocumentationRTA-OS Port Guide for the TI OMAP and ARM RVDS compiler 06/25/2015
RTARTA-OSManual / Technical DocumentationRTA-OS PPCe200/HighTec Port Guide 06/25/2015
ISOLAR, RTA, StandardsAUTOSAR, COMASSO, ISOLAR-A, ISOLAR-EVE, MISRA, …RealTimes ArticleAssociation Goes Beyond AUTOSAR

COMASSO e.V. offers AUTOSAR Basic Software

Ten years of AUTOSAR have demonstrated the potential of standards offering applicability across competitive boundaries. However, as long as the standardization continues to be confined to the specification level, the effort required for integration, configuration, and testing remains unnecessarily high. Initiated by Bosch, the non-profit association COMASSO e.V. has embarked on the road …

ConsultingCalibration ConsultingRealTimes ArticleConsulting Ramps Up Successfully

Making calibration of complex embedded systems more efficient

In addition to the traditional embedded software tools portfolio, ETAS is offering consultancy services for calibration. ETAS consultants are experts and project managers with long-term practical experience in the calibration of powertrain and chassis systems. Calibration consultants support the complete development and calibration process, including smart and virtual …

ASCET, ES900, LABCAR Software / SystemASCET V6.0, ASCET V6.1, ASCET V6.2, ES910, ES930, …RealTimes ArticleControl Development for Marine Diesel Engines

ETAS tools enable Wuhan University of Technology to develop electronic speed governors for marine diesel engines

The efficiency of an engine control system represents a key issue in systems development for both automotive and marine applications. In marine diesel systems, speed governors are important components that enable the tuning of the injection performance, affecting fuel consumption and exhaust gas composition. At the …

ASCMOASCMORealTimes ArticleDoE-based Technology

Efficiency boost at Weichai engine project

ETAS ASCMO is a widely used tool suite for mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization. Based on the Design of Experiments (DoE) methodology, ETAS ASCMO uses a new, measurement-based statistical modeling algorithm. It accurately simulates the behavior of complex systems such as engines, transmissions, and vehicles. In addition to modeling, ETAS ASCMO offers a variety of …

ES1000, ES400, ES600, ES900, ETK / XETK / FETKES63x, ES930, ETK-1.1DRealTimes ArticleES930 at DENSO Advanced Engineering

Multi-I/O module to optimize EGR control in the transient range

The European Union’s air quality focuses primarily on two pollutants: soot particulates and nitrogen emissions (NOx). Emissions of both are a particular challenge in heavy-duty diesel engines. DENSO’s advanced engineering clearly shows how soot and NOx emissions can be cut while at the same time reducing system complexity. ETAS development and prototyping tools …

INTECRIO, StandardsAUTOSAR, INTECRIORealTimes ArticleETAS Connections 2014

All about AUTOSAR

Over 50 participants attended ETAS Connections 2014, which took place recently at the Robert Bosch Haus in Stuttgart. On the agenda at the management event were AUTOSAR, cooperation on software development, and the issues raised in this regard by current topics such as highly automated driving, Car-2-X communication, and safety.

StandardsAUTOSAR, Embedded Systems Consulting, Functional SafetyRealTimes ArticleExtension and Consolidation

Developing future E/E architectures jointly with customers

In 2014, ETAS will further expand its global network of Real Time Applications (RTA) Consulting Services, adding locations in Japan and South Korea. One current key issue is the support for migration towards AUTOSAR software, another being advice and consulting in the area of functional safety. At this time, successful projects are underway in Germany, North America, the …

ES400, ES500, ES700, INCABUSMASTER, CBN40x, ES581, ES720, INCA V7.0, …RealTimes ArticleHighest Score Ever

Brazilian FSAE Electric Team sets world Formula SAE score record

The Brazilian Team UNICAMP e-Racing, sponsored by ETAS − among others − was the champion in the Brazilian and US events with the highest score ever at any Formula SAE competition. The Electric Formula SAE competition began in the purely electric category in Brazil and the United States in 2012/2013 following the example of European competitions, such as the …

INCAINCA V7.1RealTimes ArticleINCA V7.1 Tool Performance

Rapidly rising expectations fulfilled

Hybridization, energy management, and more stringent emission limits are quickly leading to greater demands on automotive control. For precalibrating electronic control units to handle these increasingly complex demands, ETAS INCA – the measurement, calibration, and diagnostic software – is regarded as the tool of choice. Version 7.1 offers much greater performance and usability. What’s …