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ASCMOASCMORealTimes ArticleModel-Based Calibration

Model-Based Calibration

ETAS ASCMO provides extremely accurate mathematical models of complex systems


Today’s automotive propulsion systems are powerful, economical, and clean. Electronic controls facilitate optimized vehicle operation across the entire operating range. Needless to say, the control characteristics must be fine-tuned – i.e., calibrated – to suit both power plant and vehicle …

INCA, INTECRIOINCA-VLINK, INTECRIO-RLINKRealTimes ArticleNew Blocksets from ETAS for Simulink®

New Blocksets from ETAS for Simulink®

Prototyping with INTECRIO-RLINK – PC-based measuring and calibrating with INCA-VLINK


Automotive control functions are often specified in MATLAB®/Simulink®. With the deployment of prototyping methods, the development of control functions becomes more efficient, rapid, and reliable. Through prototyping, users can identify and correct errors early. This …

INCAINCA V5.0, INCA V5.1, INCA V5.2, INCA V5.3, INCA V5.4, …RealTimes ArticleOn-Board Calibration of Engine Management ECUs

On-Board Calibration of Engine Management ECUs

Networking of AVL measurement systems and ETAS INCA opens up new opportunities


The continuing trend to reduce the number of test vehicles calls for more efficient use of the remaining fleet inventories. Therefore it becomes imperative to simultaneously determine the largest possible number of measured variables for a given vehicle during road …

Multiple Familiesmultiple productsRealTimes ArticlePit Lane and Trackside – ETAS is There

Pit Lane and Trackside – ETAS is There

ETAS successfully supported racing teams at the Formula Student event on the Hockenheim circuit


The 2012 Formula Student event took place at the beginning of August. For six days, over 3,000 students worked on their race cars. With about 7,500 interested visitors, it was the largest Formula Student Germany in its history. ETAS was on-site and supported …

Multiple Familiesmultiple productsRealTimes ArticlePlugging in to the Future

Plugging in to the Future

ETAS sponsors EcoCar 2 collegiate competition


EcoCAR 2 is the latest Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition in the 24-year history of collegiate competitions of this kind. Sponsored by the US Department of Energy, General Motors, and more than 25 government and industry sponsors and involving more than 15 North American universities, EcoCAR 2 is a testimony to the …

ES900, INTECRIOES910, ES930, INTECRIORealTimes ArticleRapid Prototyping of New Control Functions

Rapid Prototyping of New Control Functions

Two-stage turbocharger with self-governing compressor bypass


The power and versatility of ETAS prototyping tools enabled engineers at the engine development unit of Daimler AG to successfully carry out behavioral in-vehicle validation of new control functions designed for turbocharging the four-cylinder diesel engines for the Mercedes-Benz Van …

ASCETASCET V6.0RealTimes ArticleReal-Time Timing

Real-Time Timing

Seamless integration of SymTA/S with ETAS tools


With its products designated SymTA/S and TraceAnalyzer, Symtavision offers a consistent, AUTOSARconformant tool chain for the planning, optimization, and verification of the real-time capability of embedded systems. It seamlessly integrates with the ASCET and ISOLAR-A tools from ETAS. The same is true of the latest releases, i.e., …

Multiple FamiliesFunctional SafetyRealTimes ArticleSafety First, Security Second – Or Vice Versa?

Safety First, Security Second – Or Vice Versa?

What developers need to consider in terms of the safety of embedded systems


With modern vehicles being networked to the hilt, more and more onboard systems are deemed “safety critical”. This article examines the conundrum of why the safety functionality can be truly iron-clad only if accompanied by the implementation of adequate security …

EVE, ISOLARISOLAR-EVERealTimes ArticleSeamless Virtualization and Visualization

Seamless Virtualization and Visualization

Simulation of mechatronic systems in virtual environments


The current auto industry trend of deploying virtual environments for ECU development is supported by a new solution termed ETAS Virtual ECU (EVE). In addition, ETAS is working closely with pilot customers on the implementation of tools dedicated to the virtualization and visualization of …

LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR-MCS, LABCAR-RTPCRealTimes ArticleSimulationX Goes LABCAR-RTPC

SimulationX Goes LABCAR-RTPC

Integration of SimulationX on ETAS LABCAR-RTPC


Developed by German virtual system engineering specialist ITI GmbH,the software tool SimulationX simulates the concerted action of a variety of physical effects. The tool is deployed worldwide for the design, modeling, and analysis of complex mechatronic systems in propulsion and automotive systems, hydraulics and power …

LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR-RTPCRealTimes ArticleSolid Grip on Power

Solid Grip on Power

Simulated tests of high-voltage battery controls


The high-voltage battery controls for electric propulsion systems pose a sizeable challenge to any testing system. While the models used tend to be highly complex and computation intensive on the one hand, the high voltage also calls for expensive hardware. Powertrain engineering specialist AVL has forged a flexible and …