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INCAMDAFAQ / Use CaseIs it possible to convert multiple MF4 files to .DAT format using a batch job?

This document describes the batch file which is required to convert multiple measure files from MF4 to .DAT format.

ES5000ES5300Manual / Technical DocumentationES5300.1-A Housing Manual 04/24/2020
ES5000ES5300Manual / Technical DocumentationES5300.1-B Housing User’s Guide 04/24/2020
ES5000ES5350Manual / Technical DocumentationES5350.1 User's Guide 04/24/2020
ES5000ES4455, ES5372Manual / Technical DocumentationES5372.1 User's Guide ES5372.1 Carrier Board for ES4455 Load Boards User's Guide04/24/2020
INCAINCA-RDEManual / Technical DocumentationINCA-RDE V1.4.1 What's New 04/24/2020
ETK / XETK / FETKXETK-S22Manual / Technical DocumentationXETK-S22.0 Release Notes 04/24/2020
ETAS downloadsmultiple productsTechnical ArticleCoordinated Development Solutions are the Key to Success

The speed and scope of the changes in automotive software development have never been as significant as they are today. Positive, close cooperation and partnerships are more important than ever for this.

Günter Gromeier, Vice President Marketing, Business Strategy, and Portfolio Management at ETAS GmbH in Stuttgart (Germany)

ATZelektronik 1:

ES800ES820, ES830, ES882, ES886, ES891, …Manual / Technical DocumentationES800 System User's Guide 04/22/2020
INCAINCA-FLOWTechnical ArticleGuided calibration and automation increases efficiency

INCA-FLOW is an intuitive tool that allows engineers to model calibration procedures with a graphic design editor and then execute them on the connected infrastructure. Offering major improvements to calibration efficiency, INCA-FLOW is well established in the market and currently used by around one hundred automakers and suppliers.It represents a major success for the partnership between ETAS and IAV that began in 2009.


Virtualization TechnologyCOSYM, ISOLAR-EVE, RTA-OS, RTA-RTETechnical ArticleValidation of Highly Automated Driving Functions with Cloud-based Simulation

If additional vehicle functions are activated after the regular start of production, validation and verification of highly automated driving functions according to SAE level 4 and 5 must be able to be repeated. ETAS shows how this high system complexity can be managed securely in software architecture and real test drives can be saved by using cloud computing.

Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Wagner is Senior Product Manager …