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ASCETASCET V5.2, ASCET V6.0, ASCET V6.1, ASCET V6.2, ASCET V6.3, …FAQ / Use CaseOpen ASCET Database: Password protected data storage

Open ASCET Database: Password protected data storage

ASCETASCET V5.2, ASCET V6.0, ASCET V6.1, ASCET V6.2, ASCET V6.3, …FAQ / Use CaseReinitialization of ES113x in ASCET-RP

Question: How to reinitialize the ES113x and the RTIO drivers?
Answer: A switch to the Exit mode and instant switch back to the user application mode reinitializes the model including the hardware drivers.

ISOLARISOLAR-AFAQ / Use CaseWhere to find an AUTOSAR example project

ISOLAR-A comes with several AUTOSAR example projects

INCAINCA V7.1, INCA-TOUCHFAQ / Use CaseUse Case: INCA-Touch 2.0 Safe and user-friendly measurement visualization INCA-Touch V2.0: Safe and user-friendly measurement visualization


Do you know this challenge?

You are a calibration engineer and you have to measure or calibrate ECU functions while driving but you’re not allowed to drive and manage your keypad simultaneously, forcing you to take time-consuming roadside stops. Due to security risks, more and more companies are prohibiting calibration work on a …

ASCETASCET V6.4Manual / Technical DocumentationASCET V6.4.2 OSS Attributions 02/16/2017
ASCETASCET-DIFFManual / Technical DocumentationASCET-DIFF V6.4.2 OSS Attributions 02/16/2017
ASCETASCET V6.4Known Issue ReportASCET Example PR557938

Please refer to the ASCET Known Issue Report for further details on this example.

LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR SystemRealTimes ArticleCleverly Connected

Testing ECUs in a networked system

Software that is ever more connected is controlling vehicle functions that are ever more complex. To validate this software, developers need to have the option to connect Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulations of individual  domains to form a network – and ideally to be able to switch back and forth between testing individual components and testing the connected system. ETAS has now …

ES800, ETK / XETK / FETK, INCAES891, ES892, FETK-S1, FETK-S2, FETK-T1, …RealTimes ArticleETAS FETK-T and -S

New interfaces for high-performance ECUs

The FETK is a new interface for high-performance ECUs that connects the ECU and the host application through  XCP via Gigabit Ethernet. FETK hardware is available in two versions, T and S, for trace and serial debug interfaces.

INCAINCA V7.2RealTimes ArticleETAS INCA V7.2

A new basis for top performance

Available since the second quarter of 2016, the ETAS FETK-T interface for high-performance ECUs allows recording of ECU signals at rates of up to 20 MB/s. On the software side, ETAS offers flexible INCA tools for recording measurement data and for calibrating and diagnosing ECUs. In combination with the FETK-T as well as the ES891 or ES892 interface modules, the new INCA V7.2 release enables …


Next-generation Measure Data Analyzer

With the newly developed MDA V8 tool for the analysis of measurement data, users can efficiently evaluate measurements with a large volume of data. Measurement data files with a hundred thousand signals recorded in any given number of time rasters can be opened quickly and processed swiftly. To do this, the new MDA offers a clearly structured user interface and a sophisticated virtual …