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RTARTA-BSWRealTimes ArticleNew RTA Basic Software

Solid basis for next-generation software

With its RTA Basic Software (RTA-BSW), ETAS introduces a new software product for
developing AUTOSAR-based electronic control units. ETAS RTA-BSW facilitates the configuration,
integration, and testing of modern embedded software applications.

ASCET, ES900, Engineering Services, INTECRIOASCET-DEVELOPER, ES910, INTECRIORealTimes ArticleReducing Time-to-Market

Optimizing rapid prototyping for AUTOSAR software components

Rapid prototyping in automotive software development is a complex matter. The tried and
tested tools provided by ETAS pave the way to develop a truly customized solution for each
customer’s specific use case. With the ETAS solution, PSA Peugeot Citroën was able to speed
up the engine control development to master EURO 6.2.

ESCRYPTSecurityRealTimes ArticleSecurity in ECU Production

Production Key Server for secure key management

Cryptography protects connected embedded systems against attacks and unauthorized
access. However, ensuring availability and secure injection of keys is a challenge – particularly
in global production chains. To secure ECU production to the greatest extent
possible, ESCRYPT offers its new Production Key Server (PKS). This easy-to-implement,

ES400, ES600, INCAES63x, INCA V7.2RealTimes ArticleTop Speed on Every Track

Calibrating motorsport and production vehicles with ETAS INCA

At WENDLAND MOTORENTECHNIK GmbH in Rangendingen, Germany, ETAS INCA is ever present, whether the team is preparing cars for the next race or optimizing production vehicle powertrains for low emissions. Looking back at more than three decades of motor racing experience – with many wins and records as well as a considerable number of production-vehicle projects …

ES800, ISOLARES891, ES892, ISOLAR-EVERealTimes ArticleVirtual ECUs

ETAS ISOLAR-EVE in application

Developing new, electronically controlled vehicle functions involves a number of discrete stages:
design, prototyping, implementation, verification, integration, and validation. However, these
can all be seamlessly connected by using virtual ECUs. Virtual ECUs can be duplicated any number
of times, which makes it easier for work processes to be performed in parallel and for …

EHANDBOOKEHANDBOOKRealTimes Article“Product of the Year“ Award by Elektronik Magazine

ETAS EHANDBOOK achieves third place in the Automotive category

Readers of the trade magazines Elektronik and Elektronik automotive voted ETAS’ EHANDBOOK interactive documentation tool third place in their “Product of the Year 2016” awards. In second place was Bosch’s solid-state cell for lithium-ion batteries, and first place was taken by Audi’s Matrix laser headlights.

ES400, ES500, ES700ES720RealTimes Article“We’re always redefining the limits of what is possible”

Endurance racing demands first-rate performances from drivers and their cars

The racing cars of Manthey-Racing GmbH regularly occupy the top spots in endurance racing events, and ETAS  has been a sponsor of the company since 2011. In an interview with RealTimes, its directors Nicolas and Martin Raeder explain their winning formula: careful planning, teamwork, experience, and constant technological innovation.

Terms and Conditions, Terms and Conditions of PurchaseETAS Inc. (USA)Terms and ConditionsT&C of Purchase (ETAS Inc., USA) Terms and Conditions of Purchase (ETAS Inc., Ann Arbor/USA)01/26/2017
RTARTA-OSManual / Technical DocumentationRTA-OS V850E2/GHS Port Guide

RTA-OS V850E2GHS Port Guide

RTARTA-OSManual / Technical DocumentationRTA-OS V850E2GHS Port Datasheet

RTA-OS V850E2GHS Port Datasheet

RTARTA-OSManual / Technical DocumentationRTA-OS V850E2GHS Release Notes 01/21/2017