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EVE, ISOLARISOLAR-EVERealTimes ArticleSeamless Virtualization and Visualization

Seamless Virtualization and Visualization

Simulation of mechatronic systems in virtual environments


The current auto industry trend of deploying virtual environments for ECU development is supported by a new solution termed ETAS Virtual ECU (EVE). In addition, ETAS is working closely with pilot customers on the implementation of tools dedicated to the virtualization and visualization of …

LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR-MCS, LABCAR-RTPCRealTimes ArticleSimulationX Goes LABCAR-RTPC

SimulationX Goes LABCAR-RTPC

Integration of SimulationX on ETAS LABCAR-RTPC


Developed by German virtual system engineering specialist ITI GmbH,the software tool SimulationX simulates the concerted action of a variety of physical effects. The tool is deployed worldwide for the design, modeling, and analysis of complex mechatronic systems in propulsion and automotive systems, hydraulics and power …

LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR-RTPCRealTimes ArticleSolid Grip on Power

Solid Grip on Power

Simulated tests of high-voltage battery controls


The high-voltage battery controls for electric propulsion systems pose a sizeable challenge to any testing system. While the models used tend to be highly complex and computation intensive on the one hand, the high voltage also calls for expensive hardware. Powertrain engineering specialist AVL has forged a flexible and …

INCAINCA V7.1RealTimes ArticleStill Faster with ETAS INCA V7.1

Still Faster with ETAS INCA V7.1

New features and increased system performance accelerate work processes


The Beta testing for the new INCA V7.1 from ETAS has started. Its numerous new functions and improvements make the in-vehicle calibration of automotive electronic systems even easier and more efficient.

LABCAR Software / SystemLABCAR SystemRealTimes ArticleTesting Power Packs

Testing Power Packs

Using the real-time capable, scalable, and powerful LABCAR for HiL testing of battery management systems


The high-voltage battery with its battery management system (BMS) comprises one of the key components in the electric powertrain. It influences a vehicle‘s range, performance, and ride comfort. Accordingly, a comprehensive system test is an indispensable prerequisite for …

ES400, INCAES410, ES411, ES413, ES415, ES420, …SoftwareES4xx Add-On for INCA V7.0 11/19/2013
ES400, INCAES410, ES411, ES413, ES415, ES420, …SoftwareES4xx Add-On for INCA V7.1 11/19/2013
ES600, INCAES63x, INCA V7.0SoftwareES63x Add-On for INCA V7.0 11/19/2013
ES600, INCAES63x, INCA V7.1SoftwareES63x Add-On for INCA V7.1 11/19/2013
ES1000, INCA, INTECRIOmultiple productsTechnical ArticleRapid Prototyping with Powerful ETAS Tools

Powerful ETAS Tools Prove Efficiency

Rapid prototyping speeds up the development of advanced engine control strategies

The increased mandate on fuel economy is driving automotive companies to innovate a variety of solutions against stringent deadlines. This pushes up development costs and leads to greater complexity. Accordingly, many technology evaluations and proofs of concept demand quick setup and …

ASCETASCET V6.2Manual / Technical DocumentationASCET V6.2 Administration Guide 11/08/2013