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INCAINCA V6RealTimes ArticleINCA V6: Established Tool with Modern Architecture

RealTimes 2.2007:

INCA V6: Established Tool with Modern Architecture
Intuitive editors, better performance, and a lot more functionality

INCA V6 will make ECU calibration much more efficient. Users will appreciate the intuitive Variable Selection Dialog, the Calibration Scenario Editor and the easy-to-use Trigger Editor. Ease of use, new options, and much more efficient work alone and in a …

INTECRIOINTECRIORealTimes ArticleModel-Based Prototyping with INTECRIO

RealTimes 2.2007:

Model-Based Prototyping with INTECRIO
Kettering University students take the pinch out of automatic up windows

Electronic windows, designed to increase driver convenience and ease-of-use, are now a standard feature on millions of production vehicles. Today’s automobiles have electronic window control, and feature automatic up and down operation with a single button …

INCAINCA V5.4RealTimes ArticleSAE Challenges Universities to Develop Clean Snowmobiles

RealTimes 2.2007:

SAE Challenges Universities to Develop Clean Snowmobiles
ETAS tools help students at Kettering University win second place

Snowmobiles were initially created as reliable winter transportation for rural areas. And by the late 1950s, snowmobiling had become a recreational sport in the United States. In the 1970s, snowmobiles came under scrutiny for their negative impact on …

ES400ES410, ES411, ES420, ES430 / ES432, ES441RealTimes ArticleSeamless Integration

RealTimes 2.2007:

Seamless Integration
ES400 measurement modules supporting customer projects

In its electronics solutions business division, the MBtech Group has integrated modules of the ES400 product family in the PROVEtech:VA measurement system. This unique data logging software for standard PC operating systems is deployed for the purpose of validation and parameterization of software …

ASCETASCET V5.2, ASCET V6.0, ASCET V6.1, ES1000, ES690, …RealTimes ArticleSPARC Goes Public

RealTimes 2.2007:

SPARC Goes Public
Grand finale of the SPARC project on the test track of Automotive Testing Papenburg

More than four years of research and development had gone into the EU-sponsored SPARC project, when its results were presented on July 16 and 17, 2007. Two Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy-duty trucks and a pair of diminutive smart passenger cars, all equipped with the …

ETAS downloadsmultiple productsTechnical ArticleEasy as ECU

Automotive Testing Technology International 5.2007:

Easy as ECU

ETAS has plenty of developments to talk about, when visitors go to the company's stand at Automotive Testing Expo Europe.

ES400ES410, ES411, ES420Technical ArticleMicro-Messmodule für sensornahe Messungen

OEM & Lieferant 2007:

Micro-Messmodule für sensornahe Messungen

Die Messmodule der neuen ES400-Familie von ETAS bieten für den Einsatz im Motorraum des Fahrzeugs und am Prüfstand entscheidende Vorteile. Durch das einfach Montage- und Verkabelungsprinzip der Module reduzieren sich die Aufbauzeiten signifikant.

LABCAR Software / SystemPT-LABCARTechnical ArticleReal-time and Performance Aspects of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Testing Systems

all4engineers 8.2007:

Real-time and Performance Aspects of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Testing Systems

ASCETASCET V5.2Technical ArticleETAS Competence Exchange Symposium 2007


ETAS Competence Exchange Symposium 2007

Software-Experten und Entscheider der Automobil- und Zuliefererindustrie trafen sich im Unimog-Museum Gaggenau beim ETAS Competence Exchange Symposium zum Erfahrungsaustausch. Im Vordergrund der Veranstaltung stand die neue Version von ASCET Release 5.2.1, die von ETAS-Produktmangager Hans-Jörg Wolff vorgestellt wurde.

LABCAR Software / SystemPT-LABCARTechnical ArticleSteuerzentrale, Befehlssystem und Framework zugleich

Elektronik automotive 7.2007:

Steuerzentrale, Befehlssystem und Framework zugleich
Arbeit mit Testsystemen der Automobilbranche fällt nun leichter

Die Historie der Automotive-Testsysteme ist kurz, aber komplex: Selbstentwickelte Eigensysteme mutieren derzeit zu Standards, aber oft genug auch zu Pseudo-Standards. In Wirklichkeit aber herrscht noch ein wenig Wildwuchs, der sich mit der …

ETK / XETK / FETKETKTechnical ArticleDevelopment and Calibration of Engine and Transmission ECUs

ATZ 1.2007:

Development and Calibration of Engine and Transmission ECUs
with the ETK ECU Interface

The high standards in terms of engine performance, torque, engine responsiveness, drivability, fuel savings, and emissions met by today‘s vehicles would not be attainable without the deployment of engine and transmission ECUs featuring a multitude of sophisticated functions. To develop …