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ES1000ES1222Manual / Technical DocumentationES1222.4 User Guide

ES1222.4 User Guide

ES1000ES1232Manual / Technical DocumentationES1232.2 User Guide

ES1232.2 User Guide

ES1000ES1380Manual / Technical DocumentationES1380.2 User Guide

ES1380.2 User Guide

ASCETASCET V6.0, ASCET V6.1Technical ArticleProfessionelle Umgebung für die Entwicklung von Steuergerätesoftware – ASCET V6.0


Professionelle Umgebung für die Entwicklung von Steuergerätesoftware

Die neue Version 6.0 versetzt den Softwareentwickler in die Lage, AUTOSAR-konforme Softwarekomponenten mit ASCET zu modellieren. Dazu bietet ASCET eine Vielzahl von ausgereiften Funktionen, die für den Anwendungsbereich Fahrzeugelektronik optimiert sind. Die neuen Elemente der …

ASCETASCET V5.2SoftwareASCET V5.2.2 Hotfix 1 ASCET V5.2.2 Hotfix 1

This hotfix contains the most current bug fixes for ASCET V5.2.2. The functionality of the bug fixes has been thoroughly tested and guaranteed. However, this hotfix has not been subject to the complete release tests of ASCET. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee the usual high quality standards for this hotfix.

ETAS GmbH accepts no further obligation in relation to this hotfix.

If you …

ES900, INTECRIOES910, INTECRIORealTimes ArticleControls Development for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

RealTimes 2.2008:

Controls Development for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
A key means of achieving higher fuel economy

Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) production is projected to reach upwards of two million vehicles worldwide in the next few years. In the U.S., HEVs may account for 5-10 percent of total vehicle sales by 2015. HEVs are not only seen as a key means to achieve higher fuel economy, but …

ES4000ES4408RealTimes ArticleSimulated Loads

RealTimes 2.2008:

Simulated Loads
New ES4408 Load Simulation Module for ECU testing in the lab

The newly developed ES4408 Load Simulation Module provides options for integrating a variety of simulated electrical loads in a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) system for testing electronic control units (ECUs) behavior. Its modular configuration makes it both highly flexible and mechanically …

ETK / XETK / FETKETK-S1.1Manual / Technical DocumentationETK-S1.1 - User Guide

ETK-S1.1 - User Guide

ETK / XETK / FETKETK-S1.1Manual / Technical DocumentationETK-S1.1-B - Change Information

ETK-S1.1-B - Change Information

ETK / XETK / FETKETK-S4.2Manual / Technical DocumentationETK-S4.2 - Adapter ETAF9 - User Guide

ETK-S4.2 - Adapter ETAF9
User Guide

ETK / XETK / FETKETK, ETK-10.0, ETK-7.1, ETK-8.2, ETK-P1.1, …Known Issue ReportKnown Issue Report ETK

Known Issue Report ETK

Even after careful development and extensive release testing, we occasionally find defects in our products after they have been released into the marketplace. We correct minor problems in the course of our regular maintenance and development activities.

For more significant problems, we publish a Known Issue Report (KIR) to inform you about the technical effects of a known problem as well …