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ISOLARAUTOSAR, ISOLAR-A, ISOLAR-BFAQ / Use CaseISOLAR-A(B): CAN-FD parameters not imported from DBC file ISOLAR-A(B): CAN-FD parameters not imported from DBC file

Importing a DBC file in ISOLAR is a comfortable way to configure CAN controllers. In this article, Steffen Roser (Support Engineer at ETAS) describes a root cause for cases when parameters are not configured during import.

ASCETASCET V6.4, ASCET-SCMSoftwareASCET-SCM V6.4.2 Hotfix 1 ASCET-SCM V6.4.2 Hotfix 1

This hotfix contains the most current bug fixes for ASCET-SCM V6.4.2. The functionality of the bug fixes has been thoroughly tested and guaranteed. However, this hotfix has not been subject to the complete release tests of ASCET. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee the usual high quality standards for this hotfix.

ETAS GmbH accepts no further obligation in relation to this hotfix.

If you need …

ETAS downloadsmultiple productsVideo / WebinarETAS’ new booth design at embedded world 2018 ETAS’ new booth design at embedded world 2018

Embedded world, the leading international trade fair for embedded systems, took place in Nuremberg, Germany, on February 27 through March 1 this year, attracting over 32,200 visitors.

This year, ETAS and its subsidiary ESCRYPT had two booths at the event, giving them an exhibition area of some 250 square meters to showcase their products and services.


ES800ES891Video / WebinarHow to change port settings on ES891 from CAN to FLX How to change port settings on ES891 from CAN to FLX

This video shows how to change port settings on ES891
1. Open HSP Update tool and search for connected hardware
2. Choice the ES891 and open the context menu by right-mouse-click on ES891 and select menu "system configuration"
3. Open Configuration layer and select needed settings for port. Then press "submit" and reboot hardware
4. Wait until the device restarts


In ASCET 6 there is a global dT variable that contains the delta time value of currently running task in seconds. In this article, Steffen Roser (Support Engineer for Software Engineering at ETAS) describes how to implement and use a similar delta time variable.

RTARTA-HVRTechnical ArticleControl unit software Control unit software

Partitioning enables updates in the field and makes electronics safer

Where control unit software is concerned, the automotive industry increasingly relies on agile software development. With agile software development, software-controlled vehicle functions are kept current via continual updates and upgrades -- also in the field. For these updates to be installed without safety risks, the …

COSYMCOSYMVideo / WebinarCOSYM – How to set up a MiL simulation with FMUs COSYM – How to set up a MiL simulation with FMUs

New vehicle functions can be validated together earlier in time with a suitable system simulation in a closed loop, what is known as a model-in-the-loop environment (MiL). This video shows how COSYM supports Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) V2.0 for Co-simulation. A Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) can be imported into a COSYM project from any third party FMI compliant software tool. COSYM …

EHOOKSEHOOKSManual / Technical DocumentationEHOOKS-DEV V4.4 User's Guide 04/10/2018
ES700ES720Manual / Technical DocumentationES720.1 User's Guide

ES720.1 User's Guide

SCODESCODE-ANALYZER, SCODE-CONGRATechnical ArticleIncreasingly complex systems demand new software engineering methods Increasingly complex systems demand new software engineering methods

In modern vehicles, software controls highly complex and often safety-relevant systems and this, of course, demands the highest level of reliability. But increasing system complexity is pushing today’s workflows for function and software developers, calibration engineers, and testers to their limits. New methods and tools are required to enable a clear overview and …

ETAS downloadsSecurityTechnical ArticleIT security is all about trust IT security is all about trust!

Data security is shaping up to be significantly more difficult than expected for both private individuals as well as for companies. Many customers are uncertain which manufacturers and corporations they should allow access to their sensitive data.

Friedhelm Pickhard, Chairman of the Board of Management at ETAS GmbH

E&E Kompendium 2018