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ETK / XETK / FETKETK-S6.0Manual / Technical DocumentationETK-S6.0 - User Guide

ETK-S6.0 - User Guide

ETK / XETK / FETKETK-S9.0Manual / Technical DocumentationETK-S9.0 User Guide

ETK-S9.0 User Guide

ETK / XETK / FETKETK-T1Manual / Technical DocumentationETK-T1.1 - User Guide

ETK-T1.1 - User Guide

RTARTA-VRTEFlyer / Brochure / White PaperFlyer RTA-VRTE – Platform Software Framework for Vehicle Computer

RTA-VRTE – Platform Software Framework for Vehicle Computer
The Platform Software Framework RTA-VRTE for microprocessor-based (µP) vehicle computers contain software like OS, hypervisor, and security elements based on the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive platforms. Services and consulting complete the offer.

ES5000ES5392Manual / Technical DocumentationES5392.1 User's Guide 02/28/2019
ES800ES820Flyer / Brochure / White PaperFlyer ES820 – Drive Recorder Module ES820 – Drive Recorder Module

The drive recorder module of the ES800 measurement, calibration, and prototyping system can be used for a variety of measurement tasks in the development, calibration, and validation of electronic vehicle systems.

At a Glance

Next-generation drive recorder module for challenging in-vehicle measurement applications Unattended measurement and recording of data from ECUs, buses, …
ES5000ES5321, ES5338, ES5350, ES5352, ES5385, …Manual / Technical DocumentationES5321, ES5338, ES5350, ES5352, ES5385, ES5436 Safety Advice 02/14/2019
ES800ES820FAQ / Use CaseES820: How do I connect ES820 to other ETAS Hardware

This document describes several options to connect ES820 to other ETAS hardware modules.

ETK / XETK / FETKETKManual / Technical DocumentationETP.2 – Power Supply Interface for ETK - User Guide

ETP.2 – Power Supply Interface for ETK - User Guide

INTECRIOINTECRIOFAQ / Use CaseINTECRIO: target not available in MATLAB/Simulink

In case you cannot find a target in MATLAB/Simulink to create code for INTECRIO: In this article, Steffen Roser (Support Engineer at ETAS) shows how to associate INTECRIO with MATLAB and make INTECRIO targets available.

ETK / XETK / FETKETK-KA54Manual / Technical DocumentationKA54 Data Sheet 02/07/2019