Compatible products

INCA software products: INCA is deployed in ECU development and testing as well as for the validation and calibration of electronically controlled systems in the vehicle, on the test bench, or in a virtual environment on the PC. The tools are used in development projects and production projects by more than 60,000 users around the world. Data generated in INCA can be saved in the measurement data format (MDF) and can thus be imported into the EATB.

Measure Data Analyzer (MDA): If deviations from the limit values are identified within specific ranges in the EATB, the generated reports can subsequently be imported into the MDA for analysis in even greater depth. This gives calibration engineers the opportunity to analyze specific measurement data and correlations in the finest detail and reach the right conclusions. The blend of “initial analysis” in the EATB and focused “deep dive” in the MDA ensures maximum efficiency when analyzing data.

ES820: The ETAS Drive Recorder Module ES820 records a lot of data during testing on the test bench and on the road as well as during the long-term testing of production vehicles. The measurement results generated there can be imported and processed in the EATB without difficulty using the measurement data format (MDF).

The EATB is a tool based on MATLAB. It provides users with the option to create and edit their own templates. This ensures users have maximum flexibility when designing their data analyses and do not have to rely on other products.

Compatible formats

The reports are output in HTML5. This means users can access and interact with the reports from anywhere using any standard web browser. Users can additionally integrate their own functionalities via REST interfaces. The JSON exchange format, which is also one of the open interfaces, is available for report viewers. The data can furthermore be output as jpg, png, and csv files.