EATB Releases

EATB (ETAS Analytics Toolbox) is the analysis and reporting tool from ETAS and provides efficient algorithms for data selection, filtering and preparation. With EATB, large amounts of time series measurement data can be read in and evaluated at the same time. By providing semi-annual updates, we are able to continuously improve the functions and therefore optimize the application for you.

EATB V5.5.0

The following major improvements are available with EATB V5.5.0:

  • A new feature "Export reports to Power Point" allows the user to export reports as a set of slides to Microsoft PowerPoint. Each chart will be located on a separate slide.
  • Support of Windows 11
  • Support measurement files of Parquet format.
  • New script-commands removeChapter, removeSection and removeChart are introduced. The idea of these commands in config_Last.m is, to remove unwanted chapters, sections or charts before the final report is created.
  • Improved security measures to prevent a potential misuse of global variables. In this sense, all defined variables are available only locally within the processed function (configuration file) and not across all configurations. If a variable needs to be used in different configurations then it should be explicitly defined as "global" and loaded in the required configuration file.

For a complete overview of all improvements, and more details please see release notes.

EATB V 5.4.0

The following major improvements are available with EATB V5.4.0:

  • A unique grid can be defined for each chart separately, thanks to the new “chart specific grid” feature. This will allow better customization of the interpolation depending on the use case presented in the chart. This new setting is optional and is provided in 3 variants.
  • ETAB settings can be changed by the user without re-encryption. This is made possible by extending the interface of EATBConcole.exe through a start.jso file. In this file, the settings of EATB can be defined as key-vale pairs. The start.json does not need to be encrypted and therefore allows a more flexible usage of ETABConsole.exe.
  • Two important upgrades to MATLAB Runtime 2022b and Java 17 were introduced to keep EATB up to date. The corresponding packages are installed automatically, and no further action is needed from the user.
  • The "configure signal axes" option of a scatter plot has been removed from the report viewer for consistency reasons.

EATB V5.3.1

The following major improvements are available with EATB V5.3.1:

  • Option to exclude invalid data points of a signal from the calculation. Therefore, the command “ingnorInvalidDataPoints” is introduced in “start.m”. If set to “true”, then the invalid data points will be replaced internally with NaNs
  • Option to set the color for pie and bar charts. Three settings for single color, color range, or multiple colors for the visualized sectors.
  • A list of all involved measurement files can now be displayed in case of overlapping data points, thanks to the tooltip extension. The file names are displayed in the tooltip as hyperlinks with the corresponding timestamp allowing for an export to XDA.
  • Microsoft Edge browser is now supported
  • Calibration data (constants and curves) from DCMs and A2I/Hex can now also be used as thresholds in the charts

EATB V5.2.0

The following major improvements are available with EATB V5.2.0:

  • Selection of a user`s own MDA template (.xda or .xdx) directly from the chart tooltip in the report
  • Extraction of measurement files based on specific characters in the file name
  • Improved usability of the "Configuration Creator"
  • Improved compatibility with MDA V8.4.1 (and newer)

EATB V5.1.0

The following major improvements are available with EATB V5.1.0:

  • Improved usability of the "Configuration Creator“
  • New buttons in the "Configuration Creator" for deleting imported, calculated signals
  • Support of measurement files of the formats ascii, csv, tsv, txt 
  • Support of Non-Latin characters in the report settings 
  • Export of charts in csv format for all chart types
  • Introduction of a new command for the histogram chart to define the number of bins

Note: No change in compatibility to the previous version 5.0.0.

EATB V5.0.0

The goal of this update is to allow the user to benefit from the latest functionalities and to ensure more stability.

The following major improvements are available with EATB V5.0.0:

  • Use of MCR 2019b instead of the old MCR 2016b
  • Use of the p-code of EATB with MATLAB® 2019b
  • Export of report templates to *.m files and extended in MATLAB®
  • Faster report`s generation due to performance improvement of up to 18%
  • Application of constants and curves from A2L/Hex files 
  • Upgraded compatibility with INCA V7.2
    • Presentation of an offline report
    • Overview of recorded data
    • Supported version are SP15 and newer
  • Upgraded compatibility with INCA-FLOW V4.10 for automated process of report creation

EATB V4.1.0

The following major improvements are available with EATB V4.1.0:

  • Support of MDF 4.1 measurement files
  • Aliasing functionality: Providing a new file config_signals.csv for mapping signal names to one single label  
  • Addition of Meta-data as key-value pairs in *json files 
  • Configuration Creator: Creation of templates directly in the graphical user interface to describe the measurement data, reports with additional information
  • Swagger API documentation available under the Help-button in the UI
  • Upgraded compatibility with INCA V7.2
    • Presentation of an offline report
    • Overview of recorded data
    • Supported version is SP15
  • Upgraded compatibility with MDA V8.x for presentation of analysis results, tool tips and evaluation of exported xda files

Note: The old file config_signals.m is still valid, but deprecated. It is not recommended to use it for your signal definition.

EATB V4.0.0

The following major improvements are available with EATB 4.0.0:

  • EATBConfigEncrypter: Standalone Tool for configuration- files conversion and processing for EATB
  • New type of threshold for signalizing threshold violations
  • Zipping and downloading reports using a new button for each report  
  • XDA-Export: File with information about the displayed chart and the used signals

Note: The use of the Encrypter tool requires a valid MATLAB® license.