EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink

With the Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink, EHANDBOOK containers can be generated directly from Simulink with just one click

The ETAS EHANDBOOK Container-Build tools can be used to generate EHANDBOOK containers for multiple ECU functions and even for the ECU’s complete application software. They make it possible to automate the process of generating EHANDBOOK containers.

For Simulink models, a special tool is available that is optimized for this environment: With the ETAS EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox (EHB-CB) for Simulink, function and software developers as well as calibration engineers can generate EHANDBOOK containers within three to ten minutes from within Simulink. Interactive documentation can thus be made available at the push of a button. The toolbox is installed directly using the MATLAB Add-On Manager. There is no need to set up a build environment, which means that EHANDBOOK container files can be generated and deployed very quickly by individual users. ETAS Engineering can also customize the toolbox on request.

The EHANDBOOK containers generated this way can be loaded into EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR, and the Simulink model is available there as an interactive model. Multiple EHANDBOOK containers can be seamlessly combined into a project. In EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR, interrelationships between the individual functions can then just as seamlessly be displayed and signal flows tracked across functions. The tool interfacing with ETAS INCA and MDA 8 additionally supports various use cases, such as the creation of INCA experiments or finding errors in the calibration.

Use cases

The EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink supports various use cases and collaboration models.


The video shows how the Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink works. You can see how quickly the following tasks can be performed:

  • Installation of the software in Simulink
  • Generation of an EHANDBOOK container at the push of a button
  • Creation of interactive ECU documentation from various containers

Providing interactive documentation

Function and software development departments typically have to provide suitable documentation for ECU software so that calibration engineers (in-house or at the OEM customer) can understand the ECU function. The EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink can be used to create this documentation at the push of a button. The generated EHANDBOOK container file can than easily be distributed via email or file sharing.

Collaboration between the OEM and Tier 1 supplier

Often a large part of an ECU’s application software is provided by a Tier 1 supplier. The OEM develops just a few of the ECU functions itself, and these are then integrated with application software from the Tier 1 supplier to produce the complete software package. EHANDBOOK supports this collaboration model by providing OEMs with a means to generate individual EHANDBOOK containers for the ECU functions they have developed themselves. These containers can then be loaded and combined with the supplier’s ECU software documentation in EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR. As a result, users at the OEM receive information about all of the software components with the help of a single tool. Seamless visualizations are furthermore available thanks to the interactive models and function overviews. The toolbox provides an optimal solution particularly in the case of rapid prototyping applications, where fast turn-around times and frequent changes are required.



  • Fast and straightforward installation
  • Integrated right in the Simulink tool menu
  • Fast generation time for individual ECU functions
  • Possibility to implement fast change cycles independently of other departments
  • Flexible combination with other EHANDBOOK container files in EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR
  • Expandability through the integrated tool chain for processing a single Simulink model

EHANDBOOK Container-Build Toolbox for Simulink

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