The efficient calibration of electronically controlled vehicle functions requires a comprehensive understanding of the logical structure and mutual dependencies of the functions. This in turn is dependent on having ECU software documentation that is easy to understand and to handle. In the case of complex projects, conventional software documentation formats fall short of these requirements.

The award-winning ETAS EHANDBOOK solution provides new tools for the documentation of ECU software, with the ability to display the logic of the functions interactively and graphically at different levels of abstraction. EHANDBOOK is an easier, faster, and smarter approach to handling the extensive documentation that arises during calibration.


  • Access to knowledge about comprehensive software functions for ECU calibration
  • Supports collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers in joint ECU software development projects


  • Fast searching and precise, targeted navigation in very large volumes of software documentation
  • Simple integration of documentation produced by different development partners in a single comprehensive description
  • Interactive, graphical models for ASCET, MATLAB®/Simulink®, and C code
  • Transparent display of dependencies within and among ECU functions, and simple signal-path monitoring
  • Highly automated generation of documentation
  • Integration into customer-specific development environment
  • Intelligent preparation and linking of input data
  • Know-how protection
  • Seamless interplay with ETAS INCA

Honda’s calibration engineers get to their goals faster

Honda uses EHANDBOOK for ECU documentation and achieves significant efficiency benefits.

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The EHANDBOOK solution consists of three components: