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The award-winning ETAS EHANDBOOK solution provides new tools for the documentation of ECU software, with the ability to display the logic of the functions interactively and graphically at different levels of abstraction.

Understand software easily with EHANDBOOK: With just a few clicks, you can see how the functions interact.

The clear presentation of functional relationships in EHANDBOOK makes calibration tasks noticeably easier. Over 10,000 users worldwide are already benefiting from this.

Solve everyday calibration and application problems

Identify dependencies quickly: You can reduce the information to what you really need.

Seamlessly navigate between overview and detail

Graphical display of interdependencies among ECU functions. Additional links are mapped to show the dependencies across systems and subsystems.

Signals are easy to find: Jump directly from MDA8 to the relevant parts of the documentation.

Efficiently identify signal flows and calibration errors

Use the intelligent quick search and the navigation history feature to move flexibly back and forth between the start and end point.

All information is in one place: Display the actual ECU values directly in the documentation.

Easily integrates into your development environment supported by ETAS

Interactive, graphical display of ASCET, MATLAB®/Simulink® and C code models. Direct interaction with ETAS INCA.

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