Comprehensive System Integration

EHOOKS integrates seamlessly with all members of the ETAS software and hardware family as well as with third-party tools to provide end-to-end support for many different use cases throughout the software development cycle.

ASCET Integration

EHOOKS allows integration with ASCET to support on-target bypass experiments. The key features are:

  • Support for ASCET-SE targets
  • Uses ASCET physical or implementation models with ECU target quantization
  • Full support for measurement and calibration of ASCET models
  • Unchanged usage of ASCET models for on-target bypass
  • „One-click build” from ASCET and automatic integration of model code into ECU

Simulink® Integration

EHOOKS introduces a new Simulink® Integration Package that makes it easy to configure EHOOKS and integrate Simulink® models for on-target bypass. The Simulink® Integration Package adds new Simulink® blocks and system targets that allow the entire EHOOKS configuration and build process to be managed directly within Simulink® in a natural, intuitive and efficient manner. The key features are:

  • Support of Real-Time Workshop (RTW) and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder allows users to exploit Embedded Coder’s code efficiency
  • Full support for measurement and calibration of Simulink® models
  • Reuse of existing calibration parameters within Simulink® models
  • Automatic conversion of ECU data to and from physical data types
  • Complete automated and seamless integration from configuration to building of new ECU HEX files, all directly from within Simulink®