How to work with ETAS EHOOKS - naturally, reliably, flexibly, efficiently, and cost effectively

ETAS EHOOKS is an easy to use tool to insert bypass hooks into ECU software with only access to HEX & A2L file, no additional ECU information is necessary. Advanced hook insertion technology provides accurate and reliable results. Support for a wide range of hook types providing a scalable solution applicable to calibration, software testing, software development, and function development.

With EHOOKS it takes just seconds to create the modified ECU software instead of depending on the ECU software supplier to supply changes. EHOOKS saves development costs and time by reducing downtime, cutting the required number of ECU software deliveries, and thus getting the software ready for production faster.

The Benefit of EHOOKS

The clearly arranged user interface of EHOOKS is easy to work with.

Using EHOOKS, it is no longer necessary to go back to the software supplier/department to request bypass hooks to be added to the ECU software. This can reduce the number of necessary software deliveries between a software supplier and the OEM. Often this loop can take weeks or even months to obtain a new software build containing new bypass hooks. With EHOOKS this can now be achieved in just seconds! Even minor software modifications can be easily inserted to the ECU software allowing minor bugs/issues to be worked around while waiting for the software supplier to provide an official software release.

High Quality and Security

With its advanced, patent-pending hook insertion technology, EHOOKS provides a reliable and accurate way to modify the ECU software with only access to the ECU HEX and A2L file. EHOOKS provides secure data exchange between the ECU software supplier and the OEM which uses the software - this allows EHOOKS to exploit deep internal knowledge of the ECU software to ensure high quality hooks while protecting the ECU software supplier’s intellectual property.

Above all EHOOKS is very simple to use – simply select the ECU variables (measurements) which will be calibrated/bypassed from a list and then click the build button. Within seconds the modified ECU HEX and A2L are available to work with.

Various Use Cases

EHOOKS is a flexible technology for inserting bypass hooks into the ECU software and therefore supports a wide range of use-cases across different development domains such as software/function development, testing and calibration.

  • In function development EHOOKS can be used to add external bypass hooks and service points to the ECU software to allow efficient development of new control strategies using behavior modeling tools and rapid prototyping systems.
  • In software development EHOOKS can be used to add new algorithm implementations directly into the ECU software itself to allow for on-target prototyping and testing of the implementation.
  • In testing, EHOOKS can provide an efficient method for injecting test data into the ECU software via calibration bypass hooks allowing direct control over software signals or overrides for diagnostic state machines.
  • In calibration, EHOOKS can provide a mechanism for calibration engineers to work around minor software bugs or to enhance the efficiency of the calibration process by gaining direct control over the input variables to calibration parameters.