EHOOKS – Tool for Software Hook Insertion

ETAS EHOOKS is a software tool that facilitates the efficient insertion of bypass hooks into ECU software. The EHOOKS user can place bypass hooks directly into the HEX & A2L files without knowledge of software details – there is no need for access to either ECU source code or ECU software build environment.

EHOOKS ECU ports are developed with the support and involvement of the Tier 1 ECU software development team. This allows EHOOKS to do a very high quality job of placing the hooks into the ECU software, but also makes EHOOKS very simple to use.


  • EHOOKS enables bypass hooks to be placed in ECU software with only access to HEX & A2L file
  • Accurate and reliable results by advanced hook insertion technology
  • The solution is completely scalable because of support for wide range of hook types
  • Independent configuration of each hook’s properties
  • Support for Hook-based bypass and Service-based bypass
  • Compatible with all relevant members of the ETAS Software & Hardware families and ECU interfaces
  • Integration with ASCET or Simulink® for on-target bypass

Use Case Internal Bypass On Target Prototyping

Use Case Increase Calibration Efficiency

Use Case Activating Diagnostics via Software