ES411 – A/D Module with Sensor Supply

The ES411 module provides four A/D input channels with sampling rates up to 10 kHz. Connected sensors or transducers can be supplied short-circuit proofed with a current of 30 mA per channel at voltages between 5 V and 15 V. A short-circuit within the supply circuit is signaled to the user. With an input voltage range of between ±100 mV and ±60 V, the module supports all common sensors and transducers.

ES411 input signals can be passed through an FIR filter that is inherently stable. The filter parameters as well as the measurement range, the sampling rate and the supply voltage for each channel can be configured in the software.

Splitter cables with BNC or Lemo plugs or open wires are provided to connect the sensors to the ES411 module. The A/D module can store the channel configurations onboard. Furthermore, the ES411 is able to write out configuration parameters (e.g. characteristic curves) from sensors, transducers, or cable plugs, thus providing a Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) in accordance with IEEE 1451.4 specifications.


  • 4 electrically isolated A/D channels
  • Input voltage range between 100 mV and 60 V
  • Sampling rate between 0.5 Hz and 10 kHz
  • Software configurable high-order low-pass filter
  • Sensor supply voltages between 5 V and 15 V
  • Short-circuit detection
  • Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) support
  • Configurable per channel
  • Operating temperature from -40 °C and 120 °C (-40 °F to 248 °F)
  • Rugged water and dustproof housing (IP67)