ES583 – USB FlexRay Bus Interface

FlexRay is a scalable and fault tolerant communication system for high-speed and deterministic data exchange. FlexRay’s timedivision multiplexing facilitates the design of modular and safety-related distributed systems. With its high baud rates of up to 10 MBaud, FlexRay facilitates transferring the high amounts of data which are caused by automotive electronic systems’ increasing number and degree of connectivity

The ES583 module is an appropriate tool for any work with FlexRay-based bus systems and ECUs. The module can be used for measurement data acquisition, calibration, diagnostics and reprogramming of the ECU flash memory.

The ES583 module is a compact and cost-effective FlexRay bus interface. The compact module connects a PC to a FlexRay bus or a single ECU with FlexRay interface.

The ES583 module is connected to the PC via USB. Installation and configuration are easy. The power supply of the module is provided by the PC, an external power supply is therefore not required.

The integrated synchronization node allows initiating the communication with individual FlexRay ECUs. So, it is e.g. possible to update ECU prototypes outside the vehicle with a new software version without additional circuitry.

The ES583 module supports the open interface ETAS EBI-IP (ETAS ECU and Bus Interfaces Integration Package) providing the integration in software tools of third party suppliers.

Functions at a Glance

  • Compact and cost-efficient FlexRay interface for the PC 
  • Direct and easy connection via USB
  • Appropriate for measurement, calibration, diagnostics and ECU flash programming
  • Full INCA integration
  • Electrical isolation of FlexRay interface and PC 
  • With integrated synchronization node
  • Open interface for integration in software tools of third-party suppliers