ES593-D – Interface Module

The ES593-D Interface Module provides one ETK connection and four CAN interfaces. For connecting and synchronizing XETK ECUs, additional interface hardware or measurement modules, the ES593-D module is equipped with two further Ethernet interfaces in addition to the PC port.

Once the ES593-D unit receives messages on a CAN port, it automatically turns on and also switches on all other ETAS modules in the measuring system. The ES593-D module buffers the received CAN messages. The wake-up and buffering functions are supported by two of the four ES593-D CAN interfaces and provide for the logging of CAN messages within 1 second after start of CAN communication.

Functions at a Glance

  • Universal interface module
  • Rugged compact metal housing
  • PC connection via Ethernet interface (100 Mbit/s) 
  • 1 ETK and 2 XETK/Ethernet interfaces for demanding measurement applications
  • 4 CAN interfaces
  • Wake-up on CAN and buffering of CAN-Frames
  • Acquisition of time synchronous measurements
  • Seamless integration with INCA
  • Open interface for integration with existing tool environments