ES610 – A/D Module

The ES610 measures analog voltages via 16 channels that are electrically isolated from each other and from the supply voltage to achieve a consistently high commonmode rejection, thereby ensuring maximum measuring accuracy even at low voltages.

The 16 bit resolution, which is available for two measuring ranges, allows high-precision measurements. The ES610 reaches a basic voltage measurement accuracy of up to 2 mV. To maintain the high precision even at large temperature fluctuations in daily operations, the measuring module has an ultra-low temperature coefficient of only 10 ppm/°C. Aside from the demand for high acquisition rates, it is also necessary to measure signals that often only vary very slowly. For such cases, the ES610 features a configurable acquisition rate and adjustable software filters that make it possible to reduce data during acquisition. The fastest acquisition rate is 2 kHz, independent of the number of active channels. Anti-aliasing 4th order filters in each channel ensure a clean analog/digital conversion without undesirable signal mixtures.

Functions at a Glance

  • 16 electrically isolated measuring channels for analog voltages
  • Measuring channels electrically isolated from the supply voltage
  • Adjustable acquisition rate per channel, max. 2 ksamples/s, min. 0.5 samples/s
  • Individual A/D converters per channel and synchronous sampling ensure zero delay between channels
  • Parameterized software filter for signal smoothing
  • High measurement accuracy through 16 bit resolution
  • Two selectable measuring ranges of ±10 V and ± 60 V
  • Data transfer to PC or ES600 via Ethernet
  • Rugged, functional metal housing
  • Hardware calibration service