ES800 – Measurement, Calibration, and Prototyping System

With the modular hardware of the ES800 product family, ETAS provides a scalable system for validation, application and prototyping powerful electronic control units.

An ES800 system consisting of the ECU and Bus Interface Module ES891 and the ES820 Drive Recorder Module (top to bottom)

The ES89x ECU and Bus Interface Modules support the FETK and XETK ECU interfaces as well as the bus interfaces CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, and LIN. As connection to the host PC, the modules offer a Gigabit Ethernet interface. As ECU and bus interfaces there are two Gigabit Ethernet connections for FETK-ECUs, a Fast Ethernet connection for an XETK-ECU, five CAN respectively CAN FD connections and a FlexRay port with two channels A and B. The ES892 module has two more CAN/CAN FD channels instead of the FlexRay port. The two channels of the ES891 FlexRay port can be used as  CAN or CAN FD channel after reconfiguration with INCA.

Complementary to the interface modules, the high-performance ES820 Drive Recorder Module is offered in addition. With the combined ES89x/ES820 measurement system, all signals of common engine ECUs can be synchronously acquired and recorded during a complete testing day.

The high-performance ES830 rapid prototyping module has been designed for computationally intensive bypass applications on up to three ECUs simultaneously. A significant benefit of the ES830 is that rapid prototyping of ECU functions as well as measurement and calibration tasks can all be performed on the ECU in parallel. In combination with the ES89x interface module and the FETK ECU interface, new computationally intensive ECU functions with very demanding real-time requirements can be validated in the physical environment through the use of an external bypass.

The ES882 and ES886 BR_XETK ECU and bus interface modules provide support for the ECU interfaces BR_XETK via Automotive Ethernet and XETK via Fast Ethernet as well as for the bus interfaces CAN, CAN FD, and LIN. Both modules are each equipped with one Gigabit Ethernet interface for the HOST and one for connecting measurement modules and other interface modules. The ES882 and ES886 can be combined with numerous ETAS products, such as the ES820 and ES830 modules and the measurement modules from the ES400 and ES600 product families. To keep a check on what is happening on the network at all times, the ES886 can also be used for Ethernet monitoring. Using C libraries provided by ETAS, the ES88x modules (as well as the ES89x modules) can also be integrated into other tools.

Flexible and scalable

Measurement, calibration, and prototyping systems which can be set up in the vehicle or at the test bench on the basis of the hardware product family ES800, are scalable in functional range, processing power, and number of available interfaces. Additional cabling is not required as the devices are directly connected with each other. With this solution, ETAS supports all use cases with a consistent, modular hardware system.

Modular constructed

The ES800 system is ready to assist the development of electronic systems for the next vehicle generations: The devices can be stacked on top of each other by means of a robust mechanism, which ensures a secure mechanical and electronic connection and synchronization of the modules. Due to this, tailored systems that consist of interface modules, prototyping hardware and a drive recorder which are prepared for high demands can be configured easily.