ES882 – BR_XETK ECU and Bus Interface Module

Using the ES882 BR_XETK ECU and Bus Interface Module, Automotive Ethernet ECUs and vehicle buses can be connected to the ES800 measurement, calibration and prototyping system. Together with the BroadR-Reach® BR_XETK ECU interface and the INCA software tool, ETAS offers a solution for the validation and calibration of interconnected electronic systems in the vehicle and on the test bench that aims to optimize overall integration efforts.
ES882 – BR_XETK ECU and Bus Interface Module

Important functions

In addition to the Ethernet, CAN, CAN FD and LIN vehicle buses, the ES882 module supports the BR_XETK and XETK ECU interfaces from ETAS. Three BR_XETKs can be connected to one ES882 module simultaneously. Measurement modules from the ES400 or ES600 product families as well as ES523, ES592, ES593-D and ES595 ECU and Bus Interface Modules and ES9xx Prototyping and Bus Interface Modules can be connected to the ES882 module via Fast Ethernet.


  • Calibration and prototyping of ECUs via Automotive Ethernet
  • Measurements in the vehicle and on the test bench with high data rates


  • Open interfaces for integration into existing tool environments
  • Time-synchronous acquisition of signals from BR_XETK and XETK ECUs, vehicle buses, and measurement modules with an accuracy greater than 1 µs using ETAS hardware
  • Time synchronization compliant with IEEE-1588 standard
  • Seamless integration in INCA and BUSMASTER
  • Three BroadR-Reach® BR_XETK/Automotive Ethernet ports, one Gigabit Ethernet port, and one XETK/Fast Ethernet port
  • Five CAN/CAN FD interfaces
  • One LIN interface
  • Wake-up on CAN and wake-up on CAN FD
  • Simple plug-in mechanism for connecting additional modules from the ES800 family
  • Robust metal housing (IP44)