FETK-S2.1 – Fast ECU Interfaces


CPU interface

Supported processors NXP* MPC57xx and ST Microelectronics EMU57xx families (* former Freescale)
For a complete list of supported microprocessors, please refer to the product's User's Guide.
Configuration Project-specific configuration for memory configurations stored in EEPROM


Dimensions (LxWxH1) 46 x 37 x 13,11 mm / 1,811 x 1,4567 x 0,51571 in

(Note 1: Height includes a CBAM300 / CBAM305 / CBAM340 cable mounted at the CON3 connector)

Power supply

Input voltage 6,6 V to 32 V
Cranking voltage < 3 sec: 3V
Input current at 12 V Approx. 95 mA normal operation
Approx. 16 mA normal standby

Memory emulation

Emulation memory Processor specific
Measured data memory Processor specific

Host interface

Connection 1 Gbit/s Ethernet
Cable length max. 30 m/100 ft
Ethernet interface DC decoupling

Operation temperature

Temperature range -40 °C to +110 °C / -40 °F to +230 °F

This product has been developed and released for use in automotive applications. For usage in other domains please contact your ETAS representative.

Ordering Information

1 – ES89x Interface Cable
2 – ECU Adapter Cables
3 – Power Supply Cables
4 – FETK - ECU Adapter
5 – Ethernet PC Connection

Order Name Short Name Order Number
Emulator probe for the NXP* / STM MPC57xx (Qorivva) microprocessor family, ECU adaption via 10 pin SAMTEC and 6 pin MOLEX plug, with further adapter (*former Freescale) FETK‑S2.1A F‑00K‑111‑102 F00K111102 F-00K-111-102
Optional Accessories for FETK-S2.1
1 – ES89x Interface Cable
1 GBit/s Ethernet Connection and Power Supply Cable, Lemo 1B FGM - Lemo 1B FGH (10fc-10mc), 3 m CBE260.1‑3 F‑00K‑109‑446 F00K109446 F-00K-109-446
1 GBit/s Ethernet Connection and Power Supply Cable, Lemo 1B FGM - Lemo 1B FGH (10fc-10mc), 8 m CBE260.1‑8 F‑00K‑109‑447 F00K109447 F-00K-109-447
2 – ECU Adapter Cable
FETK ECU Adapter Cable, pre-assembled into PG9 screwing, shield on ECU- Housing, Lemo 1B PHM - JST SHR (10mc-9fc), 0m60 CBAM300.2‑0m6 F‑00K‑110‑411 F00K110411 F-00K-110-411
FETK ECU Adapter Cable, shield on ECU-Housing, Lemo 1B PHM - JST SHR (10mc-9fc), 0m60 CBAM340.1‑0m6 F‑00K‑109‑302 F00K109302 F-00K-109-302
2&3 – Combined ECU Adapter and Power Supply Cable
FETK ECU Adapter and Power Supply Cable, pre-assembled into PG9 screwing, shield on ECU-Housing, Lemo 1B PHM - JST SHR (10mc-9fc) / Lemo 0B PHG - open wire (2fc-1c), 0m60 CBAM305.1‑0m6 F‑00K‑109‑297 F00K109297 F-00K-109-297
3 – Power Supply Cables
External Power Supply Cable for ETKs, Lemo 0B - FGG open wires (2fc-1c), 2 m K70.1 F‑00K‑109‑270 F00K109270 F-00K-109-270
ETK Power Supply Cable for External Supply, with Filter Coil, Lemo 0B EGG - open wire (2fc-1c), 0m2 KA50 F‑00K‑000‑940 F00K000940 F-00K-000-940
4 – FETK - ECU Adapter
ETAM2 ETK ECU Adapter, MOLEX - open wires (6fc - 6c), 0m25 ETAM2 F‑00K‑109‑306 F00K109306 F-00K-109-306
ETAM5 FETK ECU Adapter, MOLEX - MOLEX (6fc - 5fc+1c), 0m136 ETAM5 F‑00K‑110‑101 F00K110101 F-00K-110-101
ETAM8B BR_XETK-S3 ECU Adapter, FCI - SAMTEC SFM (20c - 10fc), 0m11 ETAM8B F‑00K‑110‑881 F00K110881 F-00K-110-881

5 – Ethernet PC Connection                                           

Further information on the Ethernet PC Connection, can be found on the cable page Ethernet Connection.