INCA Base Product

The INCA base product provides comprehensive measurement and calibration functionality as well as the tools CDM for the management of calibration parameters, MDA for the analysis of measurement data, and ProF for the flash programming of ECUs.

An integrated database enables the quick and easy reuse of already build configurations and experiments on new ECU projects.

Using open interfaces, INCA can be automated and integrated with the test bench, the hardware-in-the-loop test system or other tool environments.

INCA supports ECU descriptions for measurement and calibration systems, test bench interfaces, measurement data exchange and protocols for communication compliant with the ASAM standards ASAM MCD-2 MC, ASAP3, ASAM MCD-3 MC, ASAM MDF, CCP, and XCP. 

Functions at a Glance

  • Calibration of engine control functions
  • Collection and display of measurement data
  • User-friendly experiment environment with graphical measurement displays, oscilloscopes and editors for the calibration of characteristic values, curves, and maps
  • Guided creation and easy integration of user-specific display and control elements
  • Support of many interface and measurement modules and drive recorders
  • Integrated tools for calibration data management (CDM), measurement data analysis (MDA), and flash programming (ProF)
  • Database for consistent management of ECU projects, hardware configurations and experiments
  • Open interfaces for automation and integration with the tool environment
  • Compliant to relevant ASAM standards