INCA-EIP – Experimental Target Integration Package

INCA-EIP (Experimental Target Integration Package) enables real-time function developers to use the measurement and calibration functionality of INCA for ECU software functions, which are executed on the Rapid Prototyping Module ES910.

A rapid prototyping tool such as ASCET-RP or INTECRIO builds experimental projects comprising the code file (*.a2l.cod) for the experimental target and the corresponding ASAM 2MC description file (*.a2l) on basis of ASCET and/or Simulink® models. The ASAM 2MC file is used by INCA to access the data of the experimental target. When using INCA-EIP, a shortcut in ASCET becomes available that allows the direct selection of the workspace containing hardware configuration and experiment environment to be used with this experimental project and enables the user to start experimenting quickly.

Experimental targets are often used in combination with ECUs; INCA-EIP allows operating both systems in one experiment environment. This feature is especially important for bypass applications. 


  • INCA access to simulation controllers like ES910
  • Easy transfer of ASCET and INTECRIO projects to the INCA workspace
  • Model view through back-animation in ASCET or Simulink® via ASCET-RP or the INCA connector for INTECRIO
  • Since INCA V7.2 INCA-EIP contains the functionality of INCA-SIP