INCA-FLEXRAY – FlexRay Integration Package

The INCA-FLEXRAY add-on provides for the integration of FlexRay interface hardware in INCA. With the help of the XCP protocol, FlexRay ECUs can be calibrated with INCA. FlexRay signals are handled in their physical representation and are time synchronized with all other measurement and calibration data in INCA.

Functions at a Glance

  • Support of FIBEX-compliant descriptions of FlexRay interface configurations and signals
  • Support of ASAM FIBEX V3.1
  • Monitoring of communications on the FlexRay bus and physical representation of the signals in the FlexRay frame
  • Monitoring of all signals of a selected FlexRay cluster
  • Measurement and calibration of signals and parameters of FlexRay ECUs via the XCP-on-FlexRay ASAM protocol
  • Synchronization of FlexRay signals with data from other sources
  • The FlexRay channels A and B can be used as independent or redundant interfaces
  • Support of the interface hardware ES512, ES595, ES920 and VN7600 including the functions SYNC and STARTUP