Add-ons allow INCA-FLOW to be used in a wide range of environments.

Toolboxes provide special-purpose methods for modeling calibration procedures and offline data analysis.

Design toolbox

  • Supports the development and testing of control functions
  • Generation of stimuli for modeling and testing of control functions
  • Interactive graphical editor for designing characteristics and maps
  • Includes stimuli generator

Optimization toolbox

  • Ready-to-use blocks with polynomial, least squares, and simplex optimization algorithms
  • Generation of drive cycles
  • Generic PID controller
  • Includes solver for equation systems and start/stop/pause governor optimization

Analysis toolbox

  • Filtering and synchronization of MDF measurement data
  • Fast Fourier transform
  • Various blocks for measurement data visualization, e.g. histograms
  • Measurement data analysis including data cropping, calculation of mean values and standard deviations, synchronization of different measurements
  • Connection to the ETAS Analytics Toolbox (EATB) for automated measurement data evaluation

Testbench connector toolbox

  • Automation of calibration and test procedures using CAN and ASAP3
  • The testbench connector includes the functions of CAN sending and receiving and the infrastructure required to connect to the test bench
  • The testbench connector connects to the test bench environment via CAN messages and provides the option of customizing inbound and outbound CAN messages
  • Engineering services are provided by ETAS at the customer’s request. Engineering services staff can also integrate additional measurement equipment.

CAN control toolbox

  • CAN message sending, receiving, and reading
  • CAN bus simulation
  • CAN signal modification such as read, write, erase, arrange etc.

Model-in-the-loop connector toolbox

  • Simple access to FMI models for validation, optimization, and frontloading of calibration processes in a virtual environment
  • Enhancement of the link between function development and calibration within the development processes
  • Functional verification of ECU functions with real-world measurement data from vehicle and test bench
  • Benchmark investigations of similar and/or identical ECU functions with different algorithms in respect of performance, robustness, exactness

Engine drivability toolbox

  • Supports calibration engineers in measuring and analyzing drivability in engine ECU calibrations
  • Facilitates comparisons between the drivability of different vehicles and calibration data based on objective criteria; replaces costly and time-consuming subjective evaluations
  • Easy and rapid integration in the vehicle’s measurement system

Transmission drivability toolbox

  • Toolbox for detecting events in the transmission (e.g. upshifts and downshifts, starting, gliding, converter slip control, etc.) that affect driving behavior
  • Evaluation of events based on objective, physical criteria
  • Comprehensive visualization functions provide the basis for troubleshooting and detailed analysis of results

INCA-FLOW runtime license

  • Runtime license for executing INCA-FLOW scripts and calibration procedures (for ETAS INCA users who do not have ETAS INCA-FLOW installed)