Graphic design editor

Easy-to-use editor for the graphical design of calibration procedures:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Generates easy to understand representations of calibration procedures
  • Provides for rapid iteration steps
  • Debugging of procedures supported by breakpoints
  • Keeps calibration procedures mostly independent from individual software releases
  • Well-arranged layout of calibration procedures is supported by hierarchical grouping of procedures

Modeling libraries

The modeling library is an extensible repository with predefined calibration methods:

  • Custom libraries provide for reusing existing knowledge when developing new procedures
  • Interface to MATLAB®
  • Additional toolboxes for optimization, data analysis and design are available as add-ons

INCA automation

  • Remote control of INCA to execute calibration procedures
  • Manual operation of INCA can be combined with executing automated procedures
  • Display of calibration procedures in an interpreter sequence window
  • Step-by-step execution for test purposes

Procedures management

  • Combined management of software projects and calibration procedures
  • Definition of aliases allows meaningful names to be assigned to cryptic software labels
  • Import/export functions for calibration procedures, projects, and complete databases

INCA-FLOW compiler

The compiler is used to generate executable scripts:

  • Approved and tested sequences can be compiled and distributed to users without an INCA-FLOW license
  • Sequences can be distributed to partners without compromising intellectual property