INCA-FLOW – Guided Calibration and Automation

INCA-FLOW is a revolutionary approach to automating and guiding the calibration of ECUs. INCA-FLOW facilitates the graphical specification of calibration procedures without requiring programming skills.

Today’s engineers are faced with increasing ECU software complexity, a growing number of vehicle variants, and extensive diagnostic requirements. Calibration efficiency can be significantly improved by employing automation, numerical optimization, and simulation methods. At the same time, the use of test vehicles can be reduced by frontloading calibration to test benches, HiL systems, and virtual environments.

Despite all these automation efforts, however, human perception still plays an indispensable role in assessing driving behavior and calibration quality. That means calibration engineers need the right tools to help them perform complex tasks in the vehicle within short timeframes.

INCA-FLOW supports manufacturers, suppliers, and engineering service providers in standardizing calibration processes. INCA-FLOW enables automakers and ECU suppliers to establish best ECU calibration practices worldwide by using identical procedures that lead to reproducible results.

INCA-FLOW differs from traditional automation approaches. It provides calibration engineers with a high degree of flexibility and does not confine the calibration procedure to a rigid script. The use of test vehicles can be reduced significantly by enabling calibration engineers to plan and prepare their tasks with INCA-FLOW in the office.

Functions at a glance

  • Intuitive modeling of calibration procedures with a graphic design editor
  • Comprehensive libraries with standard modeling blocks ensure high productivity
  • Seamless automation of tasks in INCA
  • Integration of MATLAB® functions
  • Easy management of calibration projects
  • Automation of test bench applications with INCA-MCE
  • Compiler for generating standalone executable calibration procedures