INCA-MCE – Measurement and Calibration Embedded

The INCA-MCE add-on to INCA supports rapid measurement, calibration and control by providing a real-time connection to the ECU. Because of the outstanding measurement and calibration performance of INCA-MCE, a test bed automation system, for example, is able to continuously monitor the engine under test’s behavior as well establish a closed control loop with the ECU. Some of the possible benefits are a more stable test bench operation, reduced calibration time and less stress on the unit under test.

Either the standard real-time EtherCAT or the iLinkRT™ Ethernet protocol can be deployed to connect to INCA-MCE. INCA-MCE is already supported by test bench products on the market, for example from AVL and D2T.

Functions at a Glance

  • Fast ECU access for test bench automation systems
  • Measurement, calibration, and control in millisecond cycles
  • Real-time solution using the ES910.3 platform
  • EtherCAT and iLinkRT™ interface
  • Name-based exchange of physical data
  • Provides continuous measurement data stream from the ECU
  • Configuration via ASAM MCD-3 MC or ASAP3 interface
  • Easy integration with existing automation systems