INCA-QM-BASIC – Basic Quality and Maturity Tracking

During the development of an ECU different teams work on different software functions in parallel. This means that calibration data has to be exchanged between calibration engineers or project teams. The ASAM standards PaCo and CDF V2.0 describe the maturity of parameters or software functions in quality meta data (QMD) state information. The add-on INCAQM-BASIC allows creating, viewing, editing and transferring Quality Meta Data in addition to the calibration data. The QMD describe the state of each calibration value and the history of applied state changes. At the same time, this information can be defined for software functions.

The INCA-QM-BASIC add-on to INCA provides QMD handling and supports the exchange formats PaCo V2.0 and CDF V2.0.

Functions at a Glance

  • Support of Quality Meta Data (QMD) states and history
  • Storing of QMD states in XML files (PaCo1 or CDF2 format) and INCA datasets
  • Visualization of QMD states for functions and variables
  • Comparison of QMD states independent of value comparison

Note 1: PaCo is an MSRSW standard adopted by ASAM.
Note 2: CDF is an ASAM standard that includes the further development of PaCo