Compatible Products


CBN40x – Isolating Measurement Probes
In combination with the ES411 module, CBN40x Isolating Measurement Probes are used to measure high voltages in hybrid or electric vehicles.

ES400 – Measurement Modules
ES400 micro measurement modules can be used to acquire temperatures, voltages, frequencies, counts, time intervals, and lambda values with INCA. The micro modules are designed for installation in the immediate proximity of signal sources.

ES500 – ECU & Bus Interface Modules
The compact ES500 ECU and bus interface modules connect INCA to K-Line, LIN, CAN, and FlexRay serial buses as well as to ETK or XETK ECUs.

ES600 – Measurement Modules
ES600 measurement modules can be used to acquire temperatures, voltages, and lambda values with INCA.

ES800 – Measurement, Calibration, Prototyping System
With the modular hardware of the ES800 product family, ETAS provides a scalable system for validation, application and prototyping powerful electronic control units.

ES900 – Prototyping and Interface Modules
INCA supports the ETK, XETK, CAN, LIN, and FlexRay interfaces of the ES910, ES920, and ES921 modules for measurement, ECU calibration, and diagnostics. Using the INCA-EIP add-on, ECU functions prototyped on an ES910 module can be calibrated. In combination with INCA-MCE, the ES910 module provides fast ECU access to the test bench.

ETK / FETK / XETK – ECU Interfaces
ETKs, FETKs and XETKs provide high-performance ECU interfaces for development and calibration of automotive electronic controls. Supported ETK / FETK / XETK – ECU Interfaces can be found on the Drivers and Tools for ETKs – Compatibility List.

1: Supported by INCA V6.2.1 and up
2: Supported by INCA-LIN V6.2.3 and up
3: Supported by INCA-FLEXRAY V6.2.3 and up
4: ES891: Supported by INCA V7.1 SP 10 and up; ES892: Supported by INCA V7.1 SP 9 and up
5: Supported by INCA V7.2 and up (ES892 only)
6: Supports ETK and CAN Interface.
7: Support of LIN interfaces of ES910.3 by INCA V6.2.1 / INCA-LIN V6.2.1 and higher.
8: Support of FlexRay interfaces of ES910.3 by INCA V6.2.1 / INCA-FLEXRAY V6.2.1 and higher.
9: Supported by INCA V7.0, INTECRIO V4.0, ASCET-RP V6.1.3 and higher.


ASCET, a tool for model-based software development, generates ECU description files (A2L) for ECU calibration with INCA.

ETAS EHANDBOOK is an interactive ECU documentation solution for efficient ECU calibration. It can be directly connected with INCA to show life values out of an INCA experiment and build up INCA experiments faster.

The XCP-IP software provides a standard XCP interface for automotive ECUs that can be used to coummunicate with INCA.