INCA V7.1 Service Pack 9

Functions at a Glance

  • Measurement by polling mode
  • J1939 – Support of extended multiplexing
  • J1939 – Improvements on the messages editor
  • ASAP2 V1.7 transformer concept
  • ASAP2 V1.7 / CDF V2.1 – Model link
  • ES891 support

Measurement by polling mode

INCA now supports measurement by polling mode what enables to acquire signals from ECUs that do not provide a data acquisition list-based sampling mechanism. For measurement by polling mode, the ECU software implementation simply needs to support reading memory at address.
INCA takes over the cyclic polling of measurement data. Polling mode is supported for CCP and XCP devices.

J1939 – Support of extended multiplexing

Extended multiplexing allows defining several multiplexors in a message. A signal can be multiplexed for more than one multiplexor value.

J1939 – Improvements on the messages editor

The editor indicates warnings by a warning icon.
Each column in the editor supports sorting.
For the selected message, the editor shows the signals contained in the message.

ASAP2 V1.7 transformer concept

INCA supports a concept defined by ASAP2 V1.7 that allows transforming calibration objects with special algorithms. The calibration engineer gets an optimized view on the ECU data. The special algorithms are coded in a DLL delivered by the ECU software manufacturer.

ASAP2 V1.7 / CDF V2.1 – Model link

The calibration world often renames than the parameters of the ECU software models. After having been calibrated, the values of the parameters shall be transferred back to the model. To provide for an easy round trip (model → ECU description (ASAP2 file) → calibration → data exchange file → model), INCA supports the MODEL_LINK mechanism for ASAP2 and CDF files.

ES891 Support

INCA supports up to five ES891 FETK ECU and bus interface modules which are connected to one system.