INCA V7.2 Service Pack 9

ASAP2 – Disable download for "OFFLINE_DATA"

The memory segments can be described as “OFFLINE_DATA” in order to obtain consistent ECU data. The parameter ensures that all changes to the application are written to the ECU with one download.

New types of ECUs with multiple cores can have memory segments with application data, not all of which can be accessed. In this case the application is only possible offline, and the download is also not permitted. All changes therefore have to be flashed. ETAS INCA now supports the "ROM” memory type for the "OFFLINE_DATA” parameter for such applications. The various properties of the memory types can be found in the table.

ASAP2 – Adoption of the "Symbol link” property in the MDF file

Since Service Pack 9, INCA adds the “Symbol link” property to the MDF file. MDA V8 then displays this property in the signal explorer.

COM-API – Support for CUBOID

Parameters of type “CUBOID” can be accessed remotely through the COM interface. The data can then be displayed in the editor.

PRoF – Flashing up to 255 memory segments

In the past, PROF only supported a maximum of 20 memory segment definitions in the CNF file of a PROF configuration. Since Service Pack 9, up to 255 segments are supported for all memory segment definitions:


The new function is described in the PRoF documentation.

ECU and bus interface module ES886 – INCA integration

The ES886 module, as an ultra-modern ECU and bus interface, offers direct access to Automotive Ethernet, and supports the SOME/IP protocol.

INCA supports the following interfaces of the ES886:

  • 1x 1000Base-T Gigabit Host/PC connection to INCA
  • 1x 100Base-T Fast Ethernet (for old ETAS devices)
  • 4x 100Base-T1 Automotive Ethernet (3x for BR_XETKs)
  • 1x 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet (for ETAS devices from the ES8xx series)
  • 5x CAN/CAN-FD
  • 1x LIN

CAN-FD support for VN modules

Since Service Pack 9, INCA supports CAN FD for supported VN modules from Vector:

  • VN1610
  • VN1611
  • VN1630/VN1630A
  • VN1640/VN1640A
  • VN8970