INCA Software Products

With its INCA software products, ETAS offers flexible tools for the calibration, diagnostics and validation of automotive electronic systems.

INCA Product Model

INCA tools are used for ECU development and test as well as for validation and calibration of electronically controlled systems in the vehicle, on the test bench, or in a virtual environment on the PC. The tools are used worldwide in over 30,000 installations in development and production projects. The tools offer a wide variety of functions including precalibration of function models on the PC, ECU flash programming, measurement data analysis, calibration data management, and automated optimization of ECU parameters. The generated calibration and measurement data can be processed and evaluated continuously.

INCA Tools for Measurement, ECU Calibration, and Diagnostics

The INCA product family consists of the INCA base product and INCA add-ons:

  • INCA Base Product
    The INCA base product provides the basic measurement and calibration capabilities, database-driven management of ECU projects and calibration data, the MDA measure data analysis tool, and an ECU flash programming tool.
    The EHOOKS tools provide ECU function hooks for development and calibration purposes quickly and in high quality. The INCA add-ons EHOOKS-CAL and EHOOKS-BYP allow simple activation or deactivation of hooks in the ECU for looping in parameter values using INCA or for bypassing of functions.
  • Engineering Solution INCA-TOUCH (Measuring and Calibrating during Test Drives)
    With INCA-TOUCH, all major INCA measurement and calibration functions can be carried out using a touch screen or voice commands.
  • INCA-EIP (Experimental Target Integration Package)
    With the help of INCA-EIP, functions which are running on the rapid prototyping system ES900 can be calibrated. The functions can be generated with ASCET or MATLAB® / Simulink® or manually coded in C. The ETAS rapid prototyping systems are configured with INTECRIO or ASCET-RP.
    In addition, INCA-EIP can be used to calibrate parameters from Simulink® models during a running simulation in MATLAB®/Simulink® with INCA. Because compilation is not required for this purpose, the models can be quickly and conveniently modified in Simulink® during the calibration. 
    For INCA Simulink® integration, ETAS used to offer the autonomous INCA-SIP (Simulink® Integration Package) add-on. From INCA V7.2 upward, INCA-SIP is included in the INCA-EIP add-on, but must be installed separately.
  • INCA-FLEXRAY (FlexRay Integration Package)
    INCA-FLEXRAY supports measuring and calibrating parameters of FlexRay ECUs using the XCP protocol. Signals from the FlexRay bus are acquired, displayed in physical representation and recorded by INCA.
  • INCA-LIN (LIN Integration Package)  
    INCA-LIN enables the monitoring of signals on the LIN bus. The signals are acquired, displayed in physical representation and recorded by INCA.
  • INCA-MCE (Measurement and Calibration Embedded)
    In conjunction with the prototyping and interface module ES910, INCA-MCE provides for very fast access from the test bench to the ECU and facilitates the use of new calibration methods.
  • INCA-MIP (MATLAB® Integration Package)
    INCA-MIP provides an interface between MATLAB® and INCA. Through this interface MATLAB® can access measurement signals and calibration parameters of control units. Using MATLAB® scripts, calibration tasks can be easily automated.
  • INCA-QM-BASIC (Basic Quality and Maturity Tracking)
    INCA-QM-BASIC supports the documentation and management of calibration data maturity. For this purpose, meta data that are compliant with the ASAM standards PACO and CDF can be assigned to particular calibration parameters.
  • INCA-RDE (Real Driving Emissions)
    INCA-RDE allows test drivers to track the status of real driving emissions measurements in real time.
  • ODX-LINK (Diagnostics Integration Package)
    ODX-LINK integrates ECU diagnostics in INCA. In the INCA experimental environment, diagnostic procedures can be performed in parallel to measurements and calibrations.
  • SOME/IP Measurement and Calibration Add-On for INCA
    INCA add-on that uses the SOME/IP protocol to measure and calibrate applications in an AUTOSAR adaptive environment.
  • Measurement and Calibration Gateway is a software package designed to be integrated into a customer's microprocessor-based vehicle control units. It allows for the measurement and calibration of application-internal variables in an AUTOSAR Adaptive environment, even those that are hidden and protected in the series software version.

Measure Data Analysis

  • MDA (Measure Data Analyzer)
    The MDA is included in the INCA base product and independent of INCA available as a standalone application. MDA supports the standard MDF measure data format.

Guided and Automated Calibration and Validation

  • INCA-FLOW (Guided and Automated Calibration with INCA )
    INCA-FLOW is used to automate calibration and validation tasks. The automation sequence is specified in a graphical editor as a flow chart, compiled, and called by INCA. The automated process can be run while driving or offline. Additional beneficial results of the explicit representation of application and validation processes are the documentation, the auditability, and the reproducibility of the automated calibration and validation processes.

Integration of the ECU or tool environment

With the Integration Packages MDF-IP and XCP-IP ETAS supports the integration of standardized interfaces in the existing ECU or tool environment.

  • MDF-IP (Measure Data Format Integration Package)
    With the MDF-IP integration package, ETAS offers a generic software library to facilitate the import and interpretation of INCA measurement data with in-house or third-party tools. MDF-IP provides for a seamless data exchange in the development and calibration process.
  • XCP-IP (XCP Integration Package)
    For connecting ECUs via CAN or Ethernet to INCA or ETAS rapid prototyping tools, the Integration Package XCP-IP is provided free of charge. XCP-IP contains source code for the XCP ECU driver, comprehensive documentation, and a configuration tool. The XCP-IP driver supports ECU measurement, calibration, flash programming and bypassing.


For customization of INCA, ETAS offers support and various engineering services.

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