Key features

Using INCA-TOUCH on a touchscreen or Windows tablet. Blue dots: Location of touchscreen or Windows tablet in the vehicle. Yellow dot: Location of the laptop (optional).

Secure, safe, and user-friendly:

  • Operation of the experiment, including start/stop/pause, recording of measurement data, start trigger, and hardware initialization
  • Display of the measurement data in various virtual display instruments such as oscilloscope, bar graph, table, bit view, map / curve, speedo, or LED
  • Structuring of onscreen content for switching among various sub-experiments by means of layers

Automated functions:

  • Definition of specific calibration steps; executed by touching a button
  • Definition of calibration procedures with modifiable repetition intervals and corresponding dialog windows
  • Switching between alternative experimental scenarios

Additional INCA features:

  • Voice-command operation for conducting experiments or calibrating characteristics
  • Placement of markers while recording and the option to add spoken comments