Engineering Solution INCA-TOUCH

Due to considerable safety risks, more and more companies are prohibiting the use of laptops during test drives. Engineers nevertheless must take measurements to validate and calibrate the behavior of individual vehicle functions while driving. For this purpose, they can use the INCA-TOUCH interface to operate ETAS INCA via a touchscreen or with voice commands.

Touch operation

Example of an INCA-TOUCH input window.

Users can execute all important INCA measurement and calibration functions using INCA-TOUCH. Measurement variables and characteristics of INCA experiments can be assigned to specific virtual instruments – optimized especially for touchscreens – in order to display measurement values and to set characteristic values.

Integrated into the INCA experiment, the latest version of INCA-TOUCH consists of one window for configuring the INCA-TOUCH interface and a second window for entering commands on the touch-sensitive screen.

If a laptop is used as an INCA computer, then the input window can be shown on a different touchscreen. On a Windows tablet, the window can be displayed directly on its tablet display.


  •     Measuring and calibrating during test drives


  •     Safe display and operation of INCA experiments during test drives
  •     Optimized for touchscreens
  •     Voice control of experiments and audio commentary on measurements both possible
  •     Automation of calibration procedures
  •     Field-tested in numerous applications