INTECRIO Prototyping Software

Increasing connectivity and growing complexity are influencing the development of functions and software for electronic components. To optimize quality and development times, ETAS offers tailored tools for function prototyping.

Solutions for efficient prototyping

ETAS INTECRIO product data model with all connection options
  • ETAS INTECRIO-IP, the integration and configuration platform for processing function models from a broad array of modeling tools, for example ASCET.

The INTECRIO tools INTECRIO-IP, INTECRIO-VP and INTECRIO-RP are helpful in all development phases – from the experiment with a virtual prototype on a PC right through to in-vehicle validation under real conditions. New functions do not have to be implemented first in code for the target ECU. A few mouse clicks suffice to reveal what effect the behavior of a graphically created function model has in the vehicle.

In this way, INTECRIO supports consistently efficient and cost-conscious working methods.

A variety of INTECRIO tools are available for each use case:

  • Learn more about the integrated prototyping environment INTECRIO-IP (Integration Platform) and about the add-on components for virtual prototyping (INTECRIO-VP) and rapid prototyping (INTECRIO-RP).
  • Similarly, ASCET users can configure their rapid prototyping hardware directly from ASCET and generate executable code.