INTECRIO-IP Integration Platform

ETAS INTECRIO-IP (Integration Platform) is an integration platform for prototyping. It makes it easy to combine function models and code from a wide variety of sources (e.g. ASCET, MATLAB®/Simulink®, C code, and AUTOSAR software components). This allows all the artifacts created during the development process to be tested and validated in combination at an early stage.

INTECRIO-IP – Integration platform for prototyping

Flexible and future-proof

INTECRIO-IP enables cross-tool collaboration between development partners, be they manufacturers, ECU vendors, or engineering services providers – and it can even protect the competitor-sensitive model components from unauthorized access.

In addition, INTECRIO-IP allows prototyping to be carried out directly on your PC. This makes the processing power and memory capacity of modern PCs available as a prototyping tool. As an interface for embedding in existing tool chains, for automation, and for extension, INTECRIO-IP offers a scripting interface for automatic control from other Windows programs.

As an interactive graphical user interface, the common ETAS Experiment Environment for all ETAS products enables an analysis of the model behavior even during execution. Parameters and variables can be simulated with user-defined signal curves. A variety of graphical layout options and efficient spreadsheet editors generate excellent analyses and documentation.

INTECRIO-IP is one of the leading integration tools for the prototyping of function models for ECU software. Development work can be performed quicker and better with INTECRIO-IP.

Tailored to your requirements

With its add-ons, the INTECRIO-IP integrated prototyping environment covers all prototyping phases, from virtual prototyping (INTECRIO-VP) to rapid prototyping (INTECRIO-RP).


  • Integration platform for prototyping
  • Integration of ASCET and MATLAB®/Simulink® models, AUTOSAR software components, and C code
  • Prototyping of automotive electronic systems on a PC or in the real environment
  • Support for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and FlexRay
  • Bypass application via ETK, XETK, FETK, and XCP
  • Virtual prototyping on Windows PCs
  • Open interfaces for automation and adaptation to customer specifications
  • Signal generation with ETAS Experiment Environment
  • Use of all the prototyping models generated by INTECRIO with INCA
  • Vehicle tests with the compact ES900 prototyping hardware family and the powerful ES800 measurement, calibration, and prototyping system