INTECRIO-RLINK – Prototyping Blockset

INTECRIO-RLINK – Simulink® Blockset for rapid and easy in-vehicle testing

Control functions for vehicle ECUs are often modeled in MATLAB®/Simulink®. With the deployment of prototyping methods, the development of control functions becomes more efficient, rapid, and reliable.

Using prototyping it is possible to identify and correct errors at an early stage of the development process. This significantly reduces the number of time-intensive and costly iterations during software development.

With the ETAS INTECRIO-RLINK prototyping blockset*, Simulink® models can be easily and rapidly tested in the vehicle. The ETAS prototyping hardware can be configured directly within the Simulink® environment.

INTECRIO-RLINK enables users to carry out all the steps required to generate executable prototypes directly within Simulink®. The prototyping blockset supports the complete configuration of the various ETAS prototyping targets, including the definition of bypass interfaces, sensor signals, and actuator signals.


  • Rapid prototyping of Simulink® function models in the real-world vehicle environment with ETAS tools
  • Connection of function prototypes to electronic control units (ECUs) using bypass technology
  • Validation of the complete electronic control system in the vehicle with ETAS INCA
  • Vehicle tests with the compact ES900 prototyping hardware family and the powerful ES800 measurement, calibration, and prototyping system

* Blockset is the term for add-ons in the Simulink® environment